Third dose, Ecdc: “Not urgent for general population”

Third dose, Ecdc: “Not urgent for general population”

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Third dose, Ecdc: “Not urgent for general population”

Third dose of anti covid vaccine, “based on current evidence, the administration of booster doses to fully vaccinated individuals in the general population is not urgent“. It is one of the conclusions of a technical report published today by the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Disease Control.”Additional doses should already be considered for people with severely weakened immune systems, as part of their primary vaccination, if they do not achieve an adequate level of protection with the standard primary vaccination, “it is recommended.

According to the ECDC, “it is important to distinguish between booster doses for people with normal immune systems and additional doses for those with weakened immune systems. Some studies – experts recall – report that a further dose of the vaccine can improve immune response in immunocompromised people, such as organ transplant recipients whose initial responses to vaccination were low. In these cases “, in fact,” the possibility of administering an additional dose of the vaccine should already be considered.

Furthermore, “the possibility of providing an additional dose, as a precautionary measure, to frail elderly people – underlines the ECDC – in particular to those who live in closed environments such as residents of long-term care facilities could also be considered”.

The ECDC and the European Medicines Agency Ema – reads a note – will continue to work together to collect and evaluate the data they are making available, and the technical report will be updated progressively.

“EU” member states must prepare for possible adaptations of their “anti-Covid vaccination programs,” if a substantial decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine is noted in one or more population groups “, then suggests the ECDC. The experts call for continued “close monitoring of data on the efficacy of the vaccine and of the” so-called “breakthrough infections” affecting the immunized, “particularly among vulnerable groups at risk of severe Covid-19 and among those living in environments closed”.

Advising the approach to be concretely adopted – specifies the ECDC – remains “the prerogative of the national technical advisory groups on immunization (Nitag), which guide the vaccination campaigns in the various member states of the European Union. These bodies are in fact in the best position. to take into account local conditions, including the spread of the virus and its variants of concern, the availability of vaccines and the capacities of national health systems “.

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