This is how Nissan imagines the Silvia of the future |

This is how Nissan imagines the Silvia of the future |

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This is how Nissan imagines the Silvia of the future |

The pencil of the vice president of Nissan Design Europe Matthew Weaver brought to light a possible heir to the tradition of Nissan Silvia, a car known by all gamers and later also called 200SX and 240SX in the United States. The new Silvia would have much less ‘square’ lines than its ancestor and would be based on an electric platform, thus leading the Japanese brand to churn out a captivating and youthful coupe.

The concept follows what Opel did with the Manta model, through the ‘repechage’ of a beloved model revised with today’s standards. Weaver conceived the new car in restomod style by bringing back the twin headlight design of the 1965 original, but also by eliminating the (now) useless front grille. The taillights are more elegant and the square wheel arches partially hide the top of each wheel. The darkened A-pillars create a dynamic effect to the roof and overall it looks like an electric vehicle with a lot of charm. Mirrors are completely absent, which instead stood out in the original for the advanced position on the front hood.

“Silvia was ahead of her time in a very quiet and discreet way. By redesigning this car for the future, we wanted to pay homage to that legacy. One of the most distinguishable features is the single clean line that connects the top and bottom of the bodywork“Said Weaver. The illustrations are official images prepared by Nissan, although a possible project relating to the return of the Silvia to the list is not formalized. The tribute to the first version of 1965, the so-called CSP311, shows how much it will be possible to do without the ‘bulk’ of the engine and exhaust system, with a long wheelbase and spacious interior despite the fact that a certain compactness remains.

With the advent of electric, many designers are convinced that there will be changes in aesthetic terms in the future of the automobile; one of these is undoubtedly Weaver.

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