THIS IS WAR LIVE |  EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

THIS IS WAR LIVE | EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

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THIS IS WAR LIVE |  EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

The great meeting organized by Televisa to measure forces between the participants of This is War and the Mexico Warriors is a few hours away from starting LIVE from Aztec lands. Follow here LIVE all the incidents of this long-awaited battle.

This is war vs Guerreros México LIVE

Live: This is war vs Guerreros México LIVE

New victory for Mexicans

Guerreros takes the victory on the first day by 900 to 550.

The last exercise of the night begins.

Mexicans and Peruvians face each other in the final stretch of this first program.

Pancho Rodríguez gets an important score

The Peruvian challenger rolled the dice and scored 200 points for his team.

New triumph for the Peruvian team.

The exercise is canceled due to the violation of the Peruvian.

New controversy in the competition.

Facundo had an altercation against Jorge, who grabbed him more than once.

Rosángela makes her debut in the competition.

The Peruvian cannot finish the exercise by slipping and falling. The drivers feared a new injury.

New injury in the Peruvian team

This time it was Said Palao, who ended up in pain after the speed and endurance circuit.

Paola wins in a resounding way

The Mexican left the Peruvian far behind to get another victory.

Paloma Fiuza makes her appearance in the competition.

The Brazilian faces Paola, one of the best of the Mexicans.

Now it is the turn of Jous and Facundo

Again the Mexican takes a clear victory against the Peruvian. 3-0 for the locals.

Clear triumph of Dariana!

Ducelia took too long and the victory is resounding for the Guerreros member.

Dariana and Ducelia fight a duel.

The Mexican already won a previous year, but the Peruvian will try to overcome it.

Victory for the Mexican ‘Lobo’!

The Guerreros participant beat Hugo García and adds new points for his team.

It was time for the speed circuit.

Hugo García and Jean start with the test.

New duel of strength between EEG and Warriors

Peruvians take another 50 points for overcoming this challenge.

Nicola makes a claim to the drivers

The EEG captain shows his annoyance for an exercise not carried out by the Mexicans.

EEG wins again a strength challenge.

The selected Peruvians show off their strength and obtain a new point.

Said Palao wins a new challenge again.

The Peruvian defeated his Mexican counterpart and gets a new point for EEG.

The drivers have a tense crossing of words.

Johana San Miguel and Gian Piero Díaz face their Mexican counterparts for an irregular roll of the dice.

Competition resumes.

After a short pause, the competition moves on.

Said Palao wins the challenge, but the point is canceled.

The Peruvian completed the exercise, although he did not carry the handkerchief.

Jous appears on the scene again to compete

The main Mexican card will try to beat Said Palao.

Karen dejo gets the first point for Peru!

The Peruvian surpassed her rival in time and was left with the victory.

It’s time for women!

Guerreros México starts the turn and Karén Dejo will be in Peru.

New point for Mexico!

Pancho Rodríguez took a long time to overcome the exercise and falls to his rival.

The aquatic challenges begin!

Pancho Rodríguez makes his appearance and faces the ‘Wolf’.

Victory again is for the Mexicans!

Jous came to ring the bell seconds before his rival, Hugo García.

The time has come for Jous and Hugo García

Participants will have to complete the tough exercise track in this first part.

Dariana defeats Melissa Loza!

The Mexican took advantage of her youth to beat the experienced Peruvian who ended up very exhausted.

The point is invalidated and the next duel is carried out.

Melissa Loza faces Dariana in the competition.

Patricio Parodi is injured in his first competition.

The Peruvian participant felt a pull and could not finish the challenge.

The first duel of the night begins!

Patricio Parado faces Matías Ochoa.

Now is the turn of the Mexican warriors!

With Nicola Porcella at the helm, those summoned from the Aztec country make their appearance on the program.

Mister ‘G’ presents the 12 Peruvian warriors

The selected This is War members enter the competition set.

The long-awaited duel has started!

Johana San Miguel and Gian Piero Díaz make their appearance on screens.

The Peruvian delegation, led by Patricio Parodi, along with the conductors Gian Piero Diaz, Johanna San Miguel and ‘Mister G’, traveled to Mexico on the night of Friday 3, and after two days of hard rehearsals, according to the participants Alejandra Baigorria and Paloma Fiuza, the EEG team is ready. Here we explain how to enjoy the expected versus with Warriors 2021.

When will EEG vs. Warriors Mexico 2021?

The meeting between the members of Esto es guerra and Guerreros 2021 will take place on two dates, the Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 September, from the facilities of Televisa San Angel.

What time will EEG vs. Warriors Mexico 2021?

If you wonder what time to see EEG vs. Guerreros México, the transmission will take place simultaneously in Peru and Mexico. In the Peruvian channel América Televisión will start 6.50 pm and Channel 5 of Televisa will transmit itat 8.00 pm

EEG vs. Warriors Mexico 2021: Why will they face each other?

The competition between EEG vs. Guerreros México 2021 was conceived in mid-August, when Mexican drivers Tania Rincon and Mauricio Barcelata They responded to their Peruvian peers for questioning their height challenge by saying that it was inferior to the one they had in Peru.

After this, they were invited to measure forces in Mexico. Given this, the ‘mother lioness’ Johanna San Miguel did not hesitate to answer the following: “Challenge accepted.”

How to see EEG vs. Warriors Mexico 2021?

The versus between EEG from Peru and Warriors 2021 de México will be broadcast LIVE on the América TV signal and Televisa’s Channel 5.

How to watch Channel 5 Televisa LIVE?

The Channel 5 signal in Mexico is not available to residents of Peru, unless a channel is installed. VPN, virtual private network (in English, virtual private network) and the location is changed to Mexico.

How to watch America TV LIVE?

The encounter between EEG vs. Guerreros México will be broadcast to Peru on the América TV signal on the following channels:

  • Movistar: channel 04
  • Clear: channel 04
  • DirecTV: channel 104

Where to see EEG vs. Warriors Mexico 2021 full online?

The meeting between the delegations of Peru and Mexico can also be tuned LIVE from the following digital platforms on-line:

It will also be available through the América Televisión website:

Who are the EEG members?

  • Patrick Parodi
  • Hugo Garcia
  • Jose Luis ‘Jota’ Benzaquén
  • Alejandro Pino, ‘Chocolatito’
  • Elijah Montalvo
  • Luciana Fuster
  • Paloma fiuza
  • Rosangela Espinoza
  • Angie arizaga
  • Mario hart
  • Said Palao
  • Pancho rodriguez
  • Facundo Gonzalez
  • Mario irivarren
  • Alejandra Baigorria
  • Steffany Loza
  • Karen I leave.

Who are the members of Guerreros México?

  • Agustin Fernandez
  • Asaf Torres
  • Jesus Aimada
  • Dariana garcia
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Luciana Burkle
  • Rachel Becker
  • Raul Sandoval
  • Rodrigo garcia
  • Yann Martin
  • Grantón Blue
  • Catherine Civiero
  • Diego Montu
  • Gualy cardenas
  • Jair war
  • Jefferson Kellerman
  • Karen Juarez
  • Luis Caballero
  • Matias Ochoa
  • Mauricio Hernandez
  • Nicola Porcella
  • Paola Pena
  • Paulette gallardo
  • Rafael Nieves.

EEG vs. Guerreros México: Nicola Porcella jokes before the duel

Rosángela Espinoza shared through her Instagram stories a video of her meeting with Nicola Porcella in Mexico. While both reality TV boys had a fun time, the model asked the former historical EEG captain where they have treated him better (This is war or Warriors 2021).

Porcella joked and said: “Here (in Mexico) they enrage me more than there, from afar.”

THIS IS WAR LIVE |  EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

EEG vs. Guerreros México: members of This is war were received by fans

The Esto es Guerra team, led by Patricio Parodi, arrived in Mexico on the night of Friday, September 3 to compete against the boys from Guerreros 2021 on the set of Televisa. However, the Peruvian figures were surprised on their arrival by followers. “Thank you for the love, they are very beautiful, they were waiting until we got off,” commented the captain of the national group on his Instagram profile, where he recorded the meeting, “Parodi said in a video posted from his Instagram stories.

THIS IS WAR LIVE |  EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

Paloma Fiuza regrets lack of time to face Guerreros 2021

A few hours after the long-awaited meeting between Esto es guerra and Guerreros 2021 in Mexico, Paloma Fiuza claimed the lack of organization, since the national team did not have much time to prepare.

“We are very expectant, at the same time we are grateful to all of you, I would have liked it to be more days, more days to practice, more days to be here, to recognize the study. I think that everything is being done crazy, but that’s how he played and that’s how you have to put your chest. So thank you for supporting all of you, we are super anxious, “said the model.

THIS IS WAR LIVE |  EEG vs Guerreros México LIVE: schedule and tv channel where to watch reality competition 2021 América TV c

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