This was the day that Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “Chabelo”

This was the day that Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “Chabelo”

Long hours, harsh discipline, and a bitter farewell. This was the goodbye of the endearing program that the actor commanded for 47 years on Televisa

That was the day Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “Chabelo”

"In family with Chabelo" It was broadcast for almost 50 years, its first broadcast was on November 26, 1967 (Photo: Instagram Chabelo)

This March 25 it was announced that Xavier López < i>Chabelo died at age 88 following abdominal complications. Given this, the world of Latin American show business dressed in mourning and El Señor Aguilera he was one of those close to the famous man who expressed his condolences.

And, Jorge Alberto Aguilera collaborated for decades in the program En Familia con Chabelo and is widely recognized for his section Cuates de Provincia.

It was a professional for me, a great adventure to be able to be with Don Xavier for more than half of the program. February 17 is his birthday, I felt very happy, we stayed to see him to interview him and it no longer happened”, he told Foro TV during the morning this Saturday.

Thus, in an old interview that Chabelo's friend gave to Infobae México he recalled how it was the first time he saw this icon of Mexican television.

This was the day Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “ Chabelo”

señor aguilera and chabelo (Archive)

The first meeting of Señor Aguilera and Chabelo

From the 07:00 hours, for almost 50 years Sunday morning belonged to Chabelo and his provincial friends, his cataphyxias, his crazy staircase and his Troncoso Furniture, in the broadcasts that they were only interrupted about 10 times due to broadcasts that occupied their space and due to public health emergencies such as the 2009 AH1N1 influenza, due to the prohibition of mass concentration of people in closed places, as well as during the 2008 Olympic Games and 2012 and the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico.

Jorge Alberto Mr. Aguilera< b>, who participated from 1990 until the last broadcast of the programhe remembered how a chance and his talent made him not only enter the program but even find love and start his own family.

1990, in May, he arrived at the invitation of Xavier López, previously I had been in another emblematic program on Mexican television that was XETU, I was a presenter for Canal de las estrellas, with my voice the theme of the channel was launched, I was an announcer and director of Radio Mil, in La pantera and Espacio 59. Mr. López invites me, because I met, because he was the host of XETU, Gabriela Michel, who was a very close collaborator of Mr. López, we met in between and she recommended me to be a presenter in the En Familia” program, commented and added:

That's how the day went.

Xavier López was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 17, 1935 (Photo: File)

“After meeting for so long, we met Xavier's program again after her recommendation, we met in some recording sessions as announcers for Channel 2 and I said 'I find her everywhere, I better marry her' and then the theme of 'En Familia was made there'”, recalled the announcer who has been the institutional voice of important projects for Disney and Sanborns stores with a smile.

After just one meeting with Chabelo, the next day he presented it to the production as part of the team, and Mr. O'Farril was already very much in agreement: “I stayed in the program for more than 26 years”.

“ For me it was very impressive to meet him (to Chabelo), I went to see him at his office in the Nápoles neighborhood.I arrive, he starts talking to me, I say 'Let's see, wait for me a little bit, where is Chabelo?' because it was not easy to digest, although we already knew it, his tone of voice, it is a very whole voice, a very outstanding natural voice ”, expressed.

This was the day Mr. Aguilera she met Xavier López “Chabelo”

Jorge Alberto Aguilera has a prolific career in commercial voice over and dubbing (Photo: ADR Networks)

And it is thatMr. Aguilera immediately noticed that the comic actor and presenter could split his personality in front of and behind the cameras:

“Xavier López is a completely different person than < i>Chabelo, they are two personalities, Xavier as the producer, family man, friend, is completely different from Chabelo, as if they 'switched', as if there is a button and they are two completely different personalities. Chabelo Pastrana appears, does his thing, has fun, chatters, makes his jokes, messes with people… It touched me in these 26 years, in all this time Xavier López could even become hoarse, hoarse and it did not come out the voice, but the character of Chabelo entered and the voice came out, being hoarse. We retired when he was 80 years old, he worked with this voice for a long time , he was aware that his strings were very good, he sang, vocalized, he was very aware of the handling of his voice and that was noticeable until the last moment”

Regarding fame that has been attributed to Xavier López in terms of his rigid personality when it comes to working, Mr. Aguilera agreed that his discipline and meticulousness made the project successful over the years

This was the day Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “ Chabelo”

He participated in "En familia" from 1990 to the last broadcast, in 2015 (Photo: Archive)

“I believe that like everyone else, people have to see that everything goes well. I believe that Mr. López, from what I have been able to see over the course of almost 27 years, if you arrive at work on time, clean, you get to do what corresponds to you, you do not get into trouble, you comply, you do not have a single problem. That he was strict, obviously he was, but with people who did not meet those parameters, but they are people who like to rehearse, absolutely nothing happens”

And it is that something notable that Aguilera highlighted is the fact that the public attending En familia was always treated very well, and that thanks to Chabelo 's concern for serving them in a cozy way.

“With the public, I think no one I know, I don't think anyone has shown such deference to the public, the program was produced as a show, we ripped off the public, which was the most It was important for Don Xavier to receive him, get him into the studio promptly, treat him well, start as soon as possible so as not to have him sitting there like in the other television programs, blown away. I would go in and talk with the public, we would take out the previous contestants that we had to have to do some rehearsals, suddenly when one of the blocks was finished they would lower the curtains as if it were a theater stage and immediately we would talk with the public to make a raffle, draw out other contestants, to keep them entertained, the public was what Mr. López demanded of us the most to take care of, 'you can say mass to me, but the public is the most important thing'

This was the day Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “Chabelo”

"Mr. Aguilera" incorporated into the "Los cuates de provincia" data and information from each state from which the children of the public called (Photo: Screenshot)

The popularity of the program was such that every fortnight around 1,500 people were received and accommodated in the forum 2 of Televisa San Ángel, with the responsibility and logistics that an agglomeration of this magnitude entails:

“We had two parts of the program, the first part had 800 people, and the second part of that same program was another 800 people. You had to be aware that they were fine, without accidents, a whole production job. They were recorded at 8 in the morning and another at 11:30, Saturdays and Sundays. On Friday the program that we recorded on Saturday was rehearsed, and after finishing the Saturday program at about 4 in the afternoon, we rehearsed the Sunday program, and we recorded the program on Sunday, which was the one that was shown the following Sunday. And then the following weekend we didn't work, it was one yes and one no”.

How Cuates en provincia arose

A hallmark of the program was the section of the 'Province Cuates', where children from the interior of the Republic were linked by telephone to carry out a dynamic where they won prizes from sponsors

This was the day Mr. Aguilera met Xavier López “ Chabelo”

Jorge Alberto affirms that Chabelo's personality was divided between the character and Xavier López, very different from each other (Photo: Screenshot)

It was something that was It happened to Don Xavier and I don't know if Gustavo Ferrer or The Magician Frank started driving itIt occurred to me to give it content, to talk about the states, about food, that was already my idea. There are even memes, they make fun of us, because obviously there is no province in Mexico, here there are states. Then we did 'Los cuates de Latinoamérica', that was my turn, to ask for letters from the people who saw us from Canada, the United States, Central and South America and we made another mechanism to accommodate them, we It went very well, we received letters from Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile. The man was the director and producer of the program, he suggested, we have a rally, we checked if it was possible or not and he said “I'll order it from you “. We agreed on many details, the games, the public on the left and right sides”, he recalled.

It was a great stage, we had a great time, we were friends in many battles , we had very good mornings, the truth is very grateful to the public, to the production and to the company