This year, up to 200,000 people will buy photovoltaics or a pump, the unions have prepared advice

This year, up to 200,000 people will buy photovoltaics or a pump, the unions have prepared advice

Up to 200,000 people will buy photovoltaics or a pump this year, the unions have prepared advice

Solar panels on the roof. Illustrative photo.

Prague – This year, according to estimates, up to 200,000 new customers will purchase photovoltaics or heat pumps in the Czech Republic. That would again beat last year's record numbers. However, this can lead to problems caused, for example, by poor-quality installation. Consumer associations have therefore issued advice to users which should limit the risk of possible problems. The Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources informed about it. According to her, over 33,000 new photovoltaic systems and more than 50,000 heat pumps were commissioned in the Czech Republic last year. In both cases, there was a multiple increase compared to 2021.

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“We are probably at the beginning of another record year. This year, 100,000 to 200,000 new customers will buy new photovoltaics and heat pumps. So that households, companies and municipalities can make the right choice and be satisfied, we have prepared, I believe, very practical instructions for them. Ten and we are already preparing manuals for the preparation of other renewable sources,” said the chairman of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources Štěpán Chalupa.

According to the chamber, the Ten Commandments, which were prepared by the Association for the Use of Heat Pumps (AVTČ) and the Guild of Accumulation and Photovoltaics (CAFT), are intended to provide consumers with practical advice on how to proceed when choosing a quality heat pump and photovoltaics and how to identify a reliable installation company.

< p>The recommendations cover, for example, the procedure for choosing the type of technology, the size of the installation or the installation company. According to the chamber, consumers will also receive instructions on how to ask suppliers or how to proceed during the implementation itself. The ten are published on the websites of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the New Green Savings subsidy program.

In recent weeks, the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians has drawn attention to the risk of unprofessional installation of photovoltaic devices in connection with the sharp increase in interest in their acquisition. under construction (ČKAIT). According to her, the use of low-quality or incorrect components has recently become widespread, which can lead to a number of problems, including fires. Experts also warn against unreliable companies or inappropriate selection of technologies.