Thousands of hectares of forest burned east of Senneterre | Wildfires 2023

Thousands of hectares of forest burned east of Senneterre | Forest fires 2023

A forest fire near Matchi-Manitou, in the Senneterre sector.

The east of the municipality of Senneterre is particularly affected by forest fires.

Senneterre, the third largest municipality in Quebec in terms of area , deplores the loss of hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in recent days.

Mayor Nathalie-Ann Pelchat says it is difficult at this time to make an accurate assessment, but she expects very large losses for the forestry industry.

< p class="e-p">It's hard to get the exact numbers because we have a number that came out not long ago. We are talking about about 400,000 hectares of forest burned in connection with the fires that affect the north, so near Lebel-sur-Quévillon, but these are data with the big fires in the north and also all those to the north. x27;est, but [these are] the biggest fires, it does not affect the small fires burning east of Senneterre, said the mayor.

Hundreds of thousands of hectares have burned on our territory. It's our people who know the forest well […] who are able to get an idea of ​​the scale, but we know that if it's big, it's very big as a loss to the forestry industry, laments Mayor Pelchat.

The SOPFEU map shows many forest fires in the territory of Senneterre.

Nathalie-Ann Pelchat also expects that there will be losses of forestry machinery and camps. hunting belonging to citizens.

It also invites citizens to avoid going to bodies of water to allow SOPFEU planes to get there. safe water supply.