Three Hradec hockey players tested positive for doping in the playoffs

Three Hradec hockey players tested positive for doping in the playoffs

Three Hradec hockey players tested positive for doping in the playoffs

Quarterfinals of the hockey extraleague playoff – 2nd match: Mountfield Hradec Králové – Bílí Tygři Liberec, March 20, 2023, Hradec Králové. Kevin Klíma from Hradec Králové celebrates a goal.

Hradec Králové – Ice hockey players from extraleague Hradec Králové Kevin Klíma, Graeme McCormack and Martin Štohanzl violated doping rules during the semi-final playoff series against Vítkovice. The players submitted a positive sample for an unspecified banned substance. The management of Mountfield informed about this on their official website and announced that they have suspended the contracts of all three and removed them from the staff until the case is resolved.

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“Mountfield HK unequivocally distances itself from similar activities by players and the use of any dietary supplements containing a prohibited substance, even if it was an unconscious and unintentional violation of the rules. The club stands against such behavior, and at the same time does not consciously or unconsciously condone this offense he did not participate,” stated the East Bohemians in an official statement.

According to the website, the players used a dietary supplement, the packaging of which did not indicate the presence of a prohibited substance. It was supposed to help them cope better with the effects of the flu they had previously suffered. “The players were regularly warned as a precaution about the need to thoroughly check all dietary supplements in connection with prohibited substances,” the club said, adding that according to player contracts, hockey players must consult the club doctor about the use of medications and dietary supplements. “Which happens regularly. However, in this case, for an unknown reason, it did not happen. There was an individual violation of this rule by the mentioned players,” Mountfield representatives added.

The club stated that the Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic informed representative of Hradec Králové about the doping finding on Monday night. According to the overview on the website of the committee, six unnamed hockey players were tested on April 9, when the fourth game of the semi-final between Hradec Králové and Vítkovice was played. Three players tested positive.

The case will now also be dealt with by the management of the extra league. The director of the competition, Martin Loukota, told ČTK that he will proceed according to the applicable regulations. “As the organizer of the competition, we should proceed with an appropriate sanction. But Vítkovice won the match 2:1, so even if we cancel it, the winner does not change,” said Loukota. for the first time in the club's history, it advanced to the extraliga playoff final, in which it lost to Třinec. The East Bohemians won silver medals.

According to Loukota, the Association of Professional Clubs (APK LH) and the management of the competition will comment more on the case after obtaining more detailed professional information and evaluating the case. Beyond today's statement, even the representatives of Hradec Králové do not want to comment further on the situation.

“However, in my opinion, it is appropriate to initiate a meeting with the Chairman of the Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic on the premises of the APK LH general meeting and subsequently try to increase awareness in this area in clubs among extraleague players,” stated Loukota in a statement. The East Bohemians also want to focus intensively on education in the club.