Three Palestinians were killed in an Israeli raid in the West Bank

Three Palestinians were killed in an Israeli raid in the West Bank

Three Palestinians lost their lives in an Israeli raid in the West Bank ;nu

Illustrative photo – Palestinians in Jenin in the occupied West Bank during clashes with Israeli soldiers, January 26, 2023.

Ramallah/Jerusalem – At least three Palestinians lost their lives today in a raid by Israeli armed forces in the occupied West Bank. Foreign agencies reported this with reference to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Six Palestinians were killed in a similar raid on Tuesday in the Janin refugee camp. According to Israeli police, the victims belonged to an Islamist armed group. Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir said of today's raid that it was a “precise action and the elimination of those who opened fire on our troops”.

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The Jabba Brigade armed group said it opened fire on Israeli forces after killing a militia commander who was imprisoned in Israel, adding that it also shot down an Israeli drone during a clash with the Israeli army. Israeli police have released photos of assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and other items they say soldiers found on the suspects, and confirmed that Palestinians opened fire on Israeli troops.

The city of Jabba has become the headquarters of several newly emerging armed groups of young Palestinians in recent months. These militias often do not belong to any specific political party and do not agree with the current policy of the Palestinian Authority.

During Tuesday's raid by the Israeli army in the Janin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, six Palestinians and 26 others were killed, according to the newspaper Haaretz. they were injured. The raid targeted Palestinians who killed two Israelis at the end of February.

Tensions in the West Bank escalated after the new government of Benjamin Netanyahu took office. It contains ministers who promote the expansion of settlements in this territory, which the Palestinians want together with the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem for their state. Settlement expansion is considered illegal by most of the international community.

Israeli forces have been raiding the West Bank almost every day in recent months. They arrested thousands of people and killed more than 200 Palestinians, both militants and civilians. Since the beginning of the year, Israeli forces have killed more than 70 Palestinians, including militants and civilians. Palestinians have killed 13 Israelis this year, the DPA agency reported.