Three weeks a baby has become the youngest patient with a coronavirus in the United States

Three weeks a baby has become the youngest patient with a coronavirus in the United States Author: Victoria Semenova three weeks the baby has become the youngest patient with a coronavirus in the United States Photo: pixabay children Coronavirus long island news new York news United States new York United States Трехнедельный младенец стал самым юным пациентом с коронавирусом в США

Three weeks a baby from long island became the youngest patient in the U.S., the test for the coronavirus which showed a positive result. At the moment the child is at home after several days of treatment in the hospital Winthrop University of new York in Mineola.

This incident proves that despite the fact that older people are at risk and still are more susceptible to the disease, the coronavirus can be spread to young people and children. To this in the United States have been reported cases of patients aged from seven months up to the teen age. Some of these patients initially showed symptoms of colds and flu.

Last week, the Center for control and disease prevention reported that less than 1% of cases COVID-19 in the United States was associated with patients aged 19 years and younger, and none of them died. But on Tuesday, representatives of public health County of Los Angeles, said that the coronavirus passed away, the child: this was the first death of a patient under the age of 18 in the United States.

Dr. Asif Noor, a specialist in infectious diseases at the hospital Winthrop said that staff has developed a plan for the treatment of young people, including their supply of oxygen. He said that if young patients do not require oxygen, they are sent home for recovery under the close supervision of doctors.

“We also teach the parents to observe precautions for infection control at home.” – the doctor said.

Nur warned that children who have even mild symptoms of colds pose a serious risk to family members living in the house with him. He asked to closely monitor the child’s condition and when the first symptoms to contact your family pediatrician who can give the right instructions and tips for parents.

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