Tilke: “Jeddah will be one of the best circuits in the world” |  FormulaPassion.it

Tilke: “Jeddah will be one of the best circuits in the world” | FormulaPassion.it

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Tilke: “Jeddah will be one of the best circuits in the world” |  FormulaPassion.it

This year’s Formula 1 championship will also go down in history for the first edition of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, scheduled as the penultimate round of the 2021 world championship on 5 December. The event will take place on the route of the Jeddah Street Circuit, still under construction and located in a special setting close to the Red Sea. A track that, unlike most of the city tracks, will become instead the fastest ever for this category, with an expected average of 252 km / h per hour.

Also in this case, as well as for the latest racetracks that have become part of the F1 world, the realization of the project bears the signature of the Tilke GmbH, and was so commented by the managing director of the design organization Carsten Tilke: “Generally – explained the German manager, son of Hermann – modern cities are made up of blocks, which force you to make 90-degree curves that are not particularly exciting for the drivers or spectators. In this case we will not have similar restrictions, given that the Corniche area, located north of Jeddah, is under development. This means being able to create various projects in collaboration with the Ross Brawn Motorsport F1 team ″.

A job, that of building the route of the second Saudi city, explained in more detail by the German engineer: “We used our know-how to be able to perfect the layout that emerged from the simulations – said Tilke Junior a motorsportweek.comwithout forgetting the green light from the FIA ​​on safety aspects, which have always been kept under control, especially in the points where the highest speeds will be touched. However it is a circuit close to the city, it will bring spectators to experience an urban atmosphere and there are sections where we can still work to increase the speed, which is not normally allowed in city contexts. All these elements – he concluded – they’ll make this track one of the best in the world“.

A route which, however, has not yet been completed, but which will be completed in time to allow the smooth running of the event, as confirmed by the person in charge: “It is a great challenge – admitted the German engineer – we cannot afford the slightest mistake and we must strictly adhere to the established plans. It’s a great logistical exercise, but everything will go as planned ”.

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