Tina spoke about life after her husband’s death

In 2013, after a long struggle with stomach cancer , her husband died of Ukrainian singer Tina Karol Eugene Ogier. In its seventh year, the artist lives without a father, his son Benjamin and only recently she has come back to life after the tragedy.

Тина Кароль рассказала о жизни после смерти мужа

About that Tina said in an interview with Slava Demin in the YouTube project, “Glory”:

I still had PTSD, maybe, I’m alive six months or a year ago. We know the way and walk are two different things. You can guess how I was, but I think that it was in the fog. How many no Genis? 2013. I will always say this: he was my man, my life, fate. How active I was, and I’m active only because we never have been there, to live and to exist at all. Because when he was gone, all the money was spent on treatment and also we were robbed in a cell Bank. It is a known fact. I left three dollars. And that’s all. Further — who are you? Give up? Don’t give up? But it’s not about us — give up. PTSD, it seems that everything will be okay, you’re holding up, but it fears. It’s completely different.

The financial situation was also complicated by the fact that Eugene Ogier did not leave a will:

We had joint property and he so did not want to leave, that didn’t care enough to sign a will in advance. And I wasn’t able to do it for him. I had the opportunity to do it a La his hand for him, but I wouldn’t let that happen. I knew I would be in trouble. And I have problems on property, on inheritance, but I have nothing all these issues compared to our honor and all my love to him.

Son of Tina Karol remembers his father and is very fond of him:

Venia loves dad. He has such a memory from my Veni that he scares me sometimes. He can remember infancy. He remembers what he told dad, but what’s the fun was. And he repeat it even now. And in General it is a copy. The same figure. The same puhlish small.

When Eugene Ogier died, his son was only 5 years old. Tina said, as explained to the child that his dad won’t be around:

As soon as you begin to invent a story: flew left and promised to return. Just here the trouble, is the cell that is the stomach, here the causal connection (I’m talking to you so say). Book on anatomy is opened, and when this is all happening from a scientific point of view — it’s different.

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