Tina told how the son responded to the rumors about her affair with Balan

11-year-old son of Tina Karol Benjamin spoke about the affair of his mother with Dan Balan.

Тина Кароль рассказала, как сын отреагировал на слухи о ее романе с Баланом

Tina told how the son responded to the rumors about her affair with Balan

Ukrainian singer, host of “Dancing with the stars“ coach’s show “Golos Krainy“ and new judge on the national selection “Eurovision 2020“ Tina Karol took part in the program of the journalist of Glory Demin “Glory“ that goes on YouTube channel Lux FM.

In conversation with Demin artist made a Frank admission. She told how her 11-year-old son responded to the rumors about the affair with Moldovan artist and colleague at the show “Golos Krainy“ by Dan Balan.

The singer said that the boy is not ready for appearance of a new stepfather. In addition, Benjamin was not happy that everyone is discussing the relationship of star moms with Balan. He even asked Tina to stop supporting these rumors.

“When the Venia was to “a Christmas story“ said that he did not ponravilis jokes: “They joke that you’re marrying Balan? Why would you support these idle conversations?“, – quoted son Karol.

The singer said that does not support such calls, however, noted that between her and Balan had chemistry, but only on the stage.

“Duo happened, happened music, a miracle happened…“ said Carol.

Earlier it was reported, that ward Dan Balan brought in the base of the “Peacemaker“.

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