Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

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Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

In addition to choosing well the model of ‘house on wheels’ that we are going to use, we must know the legislation

An average outlay for a fully equipped second-hand motorhome can be around 31,000 euros, while if we decide on a new one this figure can increase to 44,000, and the price limit only depends on our imagination. Regarding the rental option, depending on whether we are already in high or low season and
of the vehicle’s own characteristics, we could speak of a margin of 115 to 180 euros per day, according to Berta Pérez, from the company
They rent.

Buying a motorhome is a big step. It is not cheap and
for a newcomer it can be too heavy a decision. Therefore, and to avoid disappointments, it is best to rent one, two, three or as many times as necessary to gain confidence and security. Before renting, we must take into account a few questions such as: Do we want the caravan for a long trip or for short trips? Will we go on motorways and expressways or do we prefer secondary roads? Will we travel in winter or summer? Will we need complete equipment or will the basics be enough? Do we prefer good maneuverability or comfort? Do we have the appropriate license? Find an authorized store and
a good advisor can save us a lot of trouble.

Berta Perez acknowledge that
“No motorhome is perfect”, but the wide offer allows to give priority to one or another characteristic according to the needs. «What they most ask of us is that they have twin beds, which allows two people to sleep in separate beds, and if necessary they can be put together to turn it into a double bed, although older clients prefer a flat island , which allows access from any of its sides ».

After clarifying these doubts, there are other points that must be taken into account: first,
pay attention to the year of manufacture before renting (the newer the less problems they will give us), take out a comprehensive insurance to get out of any unforeseen event or make sure that the equipment with which the caravan is rented to us is what we expect,
including tableware, bedding, kitchen utensils and any item that we would take for granted in a vacation apartment. And finally, bear in mind that the responsibility for the ITV and other possible incidents always lies with the driver.

Choosing the right motorhome of our dreams is important to feel at home.
Depending on the type of trip, budget or personality, the caravan model that will go best with us varies.

1. Camper vans: They are actually vans adapted as motorhomes. They are ideal for a young, independent spirit and with a moderate budget. For one or two people they are perfect. There are many independent bodybuilders who can adapt them to our whims. Handy, easy to drive and, now living their golden revival, they usually come very well equipped.

2. Profiled: Spacious, manageable and with lower consumption. Ideal for traveling four people. They have plenty of storage space, a bed in the rear and a tilting bed over the cab.

3. Nasturtium: They are the step before the outlined ones. Its characteristic, the bed on the cabin outside the van, thus giving more space, privacy and space to sleep. Ideal for groups of friends or families who are not usually in a hurry.

4. Integrals: Wide spaces and an aesthetic that delights the most ‘fashion victim’. It is the type of motorhome that usually has more quality elements and the entire surface is integrated into a single space.

Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

Tips for traveling for the first time in a motorhome or camper

In a motorhome, with responsibility

1. Planning the trip before leaving helps us avoid problems. Plan changes are very easy with this travel system.

2. Respect and study the traffic regulations beforehand. Unfortunately the regulations often change between different towns and cities. Be careful with the issue of overnight stays: in many communities it is being updated.

3. Be respectful with nature. We will always leave the place a little cleaner than we have found it.

4. Be respectful of the neighborhood. Noises are not good companions for rest.

5. Evacuate gray and black water in the appropriate places. The fines can be very high.

6. Overnight or camp properly. Our vehicle must comply with the regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic.

7. Do not feed the animals in the wild. There may be problems with animals interested in our food scraps.

8. Do not group together while driving.

9. Make sure you have the right equipment. This includes batteries and diesel. Control of our position is the basic principle to avoid problems.

10. Enjoy the trip with common sense. Excesses are paid.

Indie Campers They offer us ten tips for those who are going to hit the road in a motorhome or camper for the first time.

A) Yes,
before getting behind the wheel of a motorhome It is advisable to know its weight since if it weighs up to 3,500 kilograms (or if the trailer does not exceed 750 kilos) we can drive it with the type B license, but if it exceeds this weight we would have to have the B96 or B + E license.