TK of Minister Černochová and Řehka on the anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine

TC Minister Chernochov and Řehka on the anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine< /p> Minister of Defense Jana Černochová and Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic Karel Řehka.

Prague – ČTK will broadcast today from 10:00 a.m. the press conference of Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) and Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka on the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine and the Czech aid that was provided in the past year.

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The Czech government's military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion amounts to ten billion crowns. This was announced by Prime Minister Petr Fiala after Wednesday's meeting in Warsaw. He recalled that the Czech Republic was among the first to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to defend itself against the Russian invasion, and its attitude motivated other countries as well. According to National Security Adviser Tomáš Pojar, the Czech defense industry sent weapons and equipment worth another 30 billion crowns.

In the list of military aid to Ukraine from the funds of the Czech state and commercial entities, Fiala mentioned 89 tanks, 226 armored vehicles and 38 howitzers, with about a third of these supplies coming from army warehouses. Of these, six air defense systems and four helicopters were also sent to Kyiv. 900 meters of bridge structures also went to Ukraine from the Czech warehouses of material reserves. The Czech defense industry also delivered 33 salvo rocket launchers, and the delivery of one and a half million pieces of ammunition, including 60,000 rockets, was organized.

Fiala also said that the state issued licenses to companies to export arms to Ukraine for 68 billion crowns. Pojar added that 30 billion crowns worth of military equipment was already exported from this amount in the past year. Goods worth around 40 billion crowns are still waiting for delivery.