Today, the court in Liberec will pass judgment on cannabis smugglers to Britain

Today, the court in Liberec will pass judgment on cannabis smugglers to Britain

The court in Liberec will deliver a verdict today on cannabis shipments to Britain

Regional court – building, seat – illustration photo.

Liberec – The Regional Court in Liberec will today sentence five of the eight people from Českolipsk indicted in the case of drug offenses and credit fraud. Two of the defendants were directly involved in the smuggling of marijuana into Great Britain and Ireland, and face prison terms of ten to 18 years. Both pleaded guilty in court. It emerged from the indictment that they had to send at least kilograms of cannabis to Britain, for which they received at least millions of crowns. The police did not find out the exact amount.

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According to the findings of the police, an organized group smuggled marijuana into Britain for a long time, the indictment covers a period of about a year from the end of January 2021 and roughly 60 shipments containing drugs or money for them.

Smugglers got cannabis into Britain through multinational shipping companies who had no idea they were transporting drugs. Smugglers hid marijuana in bread bins or trash cans and labeled the shipped goods as kitchen goods. One shipment contained up to a kilogram of cannabis. In the opposite direction, i.e. to the Czech Republic, there were shipments with money hidden in loudspeakers. Several secured shipments contained between 4,700 and 10,000 euros (approx. 110,000 to 230,000 CZK).

According to the indictment, the group obtained the drugs from several of its growing plants in Českolipska or bought them from other domestic cannabis growers. Three people are accused in this case. They also confessed to committing a crime and today the court will pass judgment on them.