Today, the CT Council issued a tender for the new CEO of Czech Television

Today, the CT Council issued a tender for the new CEO of Czech Television

Today, the CT Council issued a tender for the new general director of Czech Television

Illustrative photo – The main entrance to the Czech Television building on Kavčí hory in Prague.

Prague – Today, the CT Council announced a selection process for the new CEO of Czech Television for the next six years. The application deadline is April 17. The mandate of current CEO Petr Dvořák will expire at the end of September this year. It follows a council vote.

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Dvořák, when asked by councilor Petr Šafařík whether he would apply for the tender, said that he did not want to answer because he did not know the conditions and had not discussed it with his wife. According to him, he has until April 17. According to Šafařík, the reason for the question was that it is very likely that if Dvořák applies, none of the current employees of CT will apply, and his opinion will thus affect the number of applicants for bankruptcy. According to the deputy chairman of the council, Vlastimil Ježek, there is no reason for such questions, and a discussion about who will or will not apply could cast doubt on the selection procedure from the very beginning.

According to the conditions approved by the council today, the applicant must, among other things, be a university student, have managerial and personality qualities, actively know one world language and have a negative lustration certificate. The application must also include a five to ten page concept of the development and functioning of the television during his term of office.

Candidates who advance to the final round of the selection process will be invited to a public meeting of the council on June 7 for a personal presentation of your project and to answer individual questions of council members. Based on a summary of all the information obtained, the CT Council will then decide in a secret vote on the winner of the selection process.

“The CT Council chose the June date for the election of the general director, because the mandate of the current director expires at the end of September. Candidates should therefore have sufficient time not only for the preparation of projects and all administrative documents, but also for possible release from current work duties. They will also have almost four months to prepare before taking up their duties”, said the chairman of the board, Karel Novák.

Petr Dvořák has been in charge of Czech Television for two terms. 12 candidates participated in the last selection process. This year, the councilors are predicting a larger turnout.