Tomorrow’s War 2: Adam Mckay and the Possible Whitespikes-Centric Sequel

Tomorrow’s War 2: Adam Mckay and the Possible Whitespikes-Centric Sequel

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Tomorrow’s War 2: Adam Mckay and the Possible Whitespikes-Centric Sequel

Originally intended as a big screen production, Tomorrow’s War was acquired from Paramount Pictures by Amazon Prime Video for about $ 200 million. This was reported by Forbes magazine, which, in addition, affirms that the science fiction title would achieve a great performance in its collection after the closing of the long American holiday for the July 4 holidays.

Tomorrow’s War stars Chris Pratt and combines the war genre with science fiction. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Specialized portals have given it mixed reviews and many have called it a good option for casual consumers of the action and fictional stories. However, the story starring Chris pratt it has obtained an 81% in the score of the public, in Rotten Tomatoes. In that sense, viewers who have enjoyed the film have wondered if there will be a next installment in the short or long term.

To the delight of the fans, the director of the film, Adam McKay has given a very hopeful response, in addition to offering a small glimpse about the starting point and possible development of the continuation, if it takes place.

“I think a sequel could go into a lot of fun areas and the ethnographic study of the Whitespikein their world and where they came from, and what their purpose was, and all that sort of thing. So yeah, I think it could be a lot of fun. And with this cast, in addition, we are just beginning ”, the filmmaker explained to ComicBook.

He also shared his experience in the project and how this can lead to a future production. “The design process was a lot of fun. We talked about the world of these creatures, where they came from, how they were created or raised, and how they were used perhaps. I like world building experiments, especially when there is the possibility of some kind of time travel ”.

In fact, the end of Tomorrow’s War could lend itself to a sequel in the future, comments the specialized portal Screen Rant, given that viewers were left with many questions after the timeline was essentially rewritten so that the event apocalyptic never happened and a paradox was created.