Top 5 beach accessories summer fashion tips

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

Summer time is a wonderful chance to find a way to relax. After a spectacular want to look not only at work or while walking around the city, but in the course of the vacation. For example, on the beach.

Certainly: attention lake or sea will attract not only the swimsuit which you will swim and sunbathe, but also the details, shielding it. About the top 5 accessories beach fashion editorial LifeStyle24 talked to a stylist Kristina Laptso. Expert with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry talked about the best decorations for your Luca on the beach and pay attention to what fabrics and colors should give preference in the selection of these important details.

“If a woman wears the accessory correctly, even during the holidays, it shows her confidence and sense of taste. It is inalienable, because it can freshen up your swimsuit, despite the fact that he is from a past collection or worn by you for several years,” she said. Stylist notes: among fabrics, you should choose silk or satin, and cotton, the colors should be bright. “Pastels have faded into the background. It is therefore very popular lately are fuchsia, orange and yellow. The latter, in particular, has a wide range starting with the mustard, what captivates more and more fashionistas. However, nobody forbade classical white and black”.

So what are the top 5 beach accessories summer 2019?


If you don’t like to wear beach hat or a rest under an umbrella, the perfect accessory for your gathered in a ponytail, in a braid or loose hair will be the Hoop. “He’s versatile, from thin to wide and solid and prints, and fits almost every. Lately notice: mass consumption came in and the studs, especially with pearls. If I had to choose this accessory, you probably would have stopped on an individual color or shape,” says Kristina Laptso.

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

The Hoop – one of the accessories that will accentuate your beach look / Instagram / @tvoy_sharfik

Straw boater

On your shelf have a dozen hats, in which you can bask in the sun? Add to this collection another. After all, the real trend of summer 2019 are straw boater. Hats with narrow brim, adorned with ribbons or brooches, will be an unobtrusive addition to your “Luke”. “In particular, the world with their woven boater in early July in Paris blew up a Ukrainian designer hats Ruslan Baginsky (collection “Stozhary” – LifeStyle24). Another good, I would even say universal accessory which is suitable for the beach, – a silk handkerchief. You can tie both the hair and handle of the bag you take on vacation,” – says the stylist.

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

Straw boater – trend fashion beach / Instagram / @chapeaukiev


About this accessory there is no doubt, especially in hot summer season. Not only do they protect from ultraviolet radiation, but also accentuate your facial features. “Now they are doing the emphasis, because the variety of forms, from very round, which cover almost all the face to square in a retro style. As well as butterflies, foxes or simply round. However, they should choose wisely in order not to compromise the integrity of the image,” advises style expert.

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

Points will become the winning item in your beach image / Pixabay

Thin rings

The hands – another body part that is a sin not to decorate the accessory. Even when just going to bask on the beach. Kristina Laptso believes that the emphasis should on your toes: “It looks nice when you wear on the joints of the fingers graceful ring. If you want, on one finger can place two or three rings. Fortunately, they are available, and their selection is wide”.

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

The thin ring would accentuate your fingers / Pixabay

Straw bag

Perhaps this is another braided accessory that has a full right to live in your closet and become an indispensable part of a beach look. It will be convenient to carry like tools and snacks. “I noticed that choice straw handbags girls are trying to convey lightness. Because such models are practical, have a minimum of fasteners. However, I would add the same silk handkerchief or two or three that you could change,” – says the expert.

Топ-5 аксессуаров пляжного лета: советы стилиста

Woven bag will be a practical thing on the beach / Instagram / @sally_msk

But some of the accessories for the beach you choose? Share with us in comments.

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