Total leadership: Sagittarius will get the power of Mars to the end of the week

Planet will support the management qualities of the Zodiac.

Тотальное лидерство: Стрелец получит силу Марса до конца недели

Sagittarians are considered to be a sort of researchers with a fondness for the process. Most of them are interested in spirituality and the ability to philosophize. To do this, they engaged in “excavations” of the old stories, and drawing attention to the moral origins of the incident.

Mars is the planet of the God of War. Accordingly, the strength of Mars is taken to militancy and leadership. The red planet in Sagittarius offers support of personal beliefs, especially moral, the need for leadership and compliance with the necessary rules. In addition, the first building will provide additional reinforcement and the end result is total leadership. The only downside to his aggressiveness and “fieriness”. Because Sagittarius is a Fire zodiac, which means bring your own impulsiveness in all projects.

However, leadership is not necessarily a failure. The rest of the week will be trine Mars-Uranus, which will add originality and ideas will make it easier to get rid of the past. Therefore, all lovers of the useless stuff will be difficult. However, the sekstilâ the Sun-Mars adds courage and strength, which will make it an honor to pass through obstacles. And entrepreneurial spirit is derived from this relationship, the Sagittarius can profitably invest in the business and proved themselves as a good leader. Important after the influence of Mars not to lose their newly acquired skills.

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