Tourists in Dagestan, mistaken for men in dresses, apologized

Tourists in Dagestan, mistaken for men in dresses, apologized

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Tourists in Dagestan, mistaken for men in dresses, apologized

The administration of a restaurant in Dagestan’s Kaspiysk, where three athletes were mistaken for men in dresses and filmed, apologized to the girls. The staff of the institution published a post in Instagram and offered the girls dinner at the house’s expense.

A video with “men in dresses” spread across social networks on the evening of July 10. The footage shows three girls sitting at a table in a restaurant and making an order. The footage caused outrage among the residents of Dagestan, who mistook the athletes for men.

The subscribers of the account immediately began to insult the “women” and complain about the obscene appearance: “There were apparently no men in the restaurant, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting there so calmly”, “It is unlikely that they walked around the city in this form, otherwise they would not have reached the restaurant, I think “,” They would have been trampled in Chechnya. They walk here like in America. “

However, there were also those who immediately noticed that something was wrong and suggested that women were still sitting in the hall: “These are women, I personally saw them. just newcomers, you don’t know don’t write nonsense “,” What kind of people we have, they no longer know what to think of, I saw them personally, these are not men! “

It was later revealed that the “men” were actually women. As told Telegram-channel SIMPLY BULACH, the girls turned out to be athletes who came to the city to compete.

“Firstly, I asked the people who was there – they are really girls. Secondly, instead of filming and spreading false information and exposing your own republic and restaurant in the worst light, it would be better to come up as men and clarify who exactly is sitting: men or women, ”the post says.