Toyota and Apple, rumors of understanding |

Toyota and Apple, rumors of understanding |

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Toyota and Apple, rumors of understanding |

A new chapter opens in the long history of brand-related rumors Apple, and his intentions to land in the world of motors with an electric and possibly hyper-technological project. Several months ago the most popular name was that of Hyundai, and there were also half admissions, later modified and retracted, on a negotiation. Much has been said about Magna, the ‘shadow’ builder of several international brands who has all the necessary material to follow a project with the creature led by Tim Cook. Magna has just formed a joint venture with LG, another company Apple is considering. There would have been a contact with Nissan, and Stellantis has an ‘indirect connection’ as well, as Apple’s senior vice president of Services, Eddy Cue, is on the board of directors of Ferrari.

The new name to be linked to Apple is now Toyota, the Japanese giant that has in its hands several technological projects of absolute importance relating to hydrogen, autonomous driving, driving assistance and robotics. According to the DigiTimes website, the two companies met to begin discussing a possible collaboration; the focus of discussions should be the battery, or how to power it in what is an all-electric project for Apple.

According to several sources, Apple would like to start building its semi-autonomous electric vehicle in 2024 and is currently focused on planning the required supply chain. Reuters talked about developing a new battery design that could give the car four-wheeled iPhone status.

But be careful: last March Akio Toyoda sent a kind of warning to Apple and hi-tech companies willing to enter the auto segment. “The industry is happy to welcome new competitors. But after making a vehicle, I would like them to be prepared to deal with customers and adapt to the market in the long run. New tech companies have the potential to breathe new life into the industry by offering customers a wider range of choices. But these same companies will also have to be ready to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their vehicles, including maintenance and scrapping ”. A message that can also be read in another way, that is, as an invitation to Apple to join a well-established manufacturer to try to climb the market together.

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