Triathlon, training 7 days a week to become champions: Michele Sarzilla’s agenda

Triathlon, training 7 days a week to become champions: Michele Sarzilla’s agenda

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Triathlon, training 7 days a week to become champions: Michele Sarzilla’s agenda

One of the most rising triathletes, Michele Sarzilla, talks about his approach to triathlon and his constant and very hard training

The triathlon it is one of the fastest growing sports for the number of practitioners, including amateurs. But alternate swimming, cycling and running, giving a total immersion in sport on a physical and mental level is not a trivial matter. To tell us about his approach to triathlon is Michele Sarzilla athlete of the DDS-7MP (fierce Milanese triathlon team) and for six months ambassador of Aquasphere, which last July enriched his sporting curriculum with a second place at the Ironman 70.3 in Andorra and a third placeEurope Triathlon Cup by Tiszaujvaros (sprint distance).

Sarzilla and the beginnings with the triathlon

“It can be said that I come from swimming, which I practiced from 3 to 19 years with great sacrifices” says Sarzilla, who explains: “After the great disappointment of not being able to obtain the desired results, I gave up everything. Through an acquaintance I then approached triathlon, even if I had never seriously ridden a bike or even ran. The results came quickly, I was happy and for me it was a kind of revenge. But also this time I gave up the competitive spirit that I almost forgot until I was 22 by going to live first in London then in Spain. The life of a young man abroad between entertainment and various jobs, however, no longer satisfied me, I felt that I was missing something and so I went back to doing triathlon on my own at an amateur level until I was 29 when my father’s serious illness made me, so to speak, mature and become aware of what I wanted to do and the luck I had to have a physique with which I could get involved. Since then I have always tried to give my best thanks also to my youth experiences and to maturity acquired over the years “.

The training of the triathlete

We asked Michele Sarzilla for details on his training and nutrition, here is what he replied.

How long does a triathlete have to train?

“A lot, on average every week I practice sports for 30 hours training seven days a week. In a week I travel about 60-80 kilometers of running to which I add 25 km of swimming e 300-400 kilometers by bike. Every day if I can I try to practice all three disciplines. I pay attention to food, but I certainly won’t give up on pizza and beer. Even a couple of sweets a day are good for us. In consideration of the energy consumption we have in training, they do no harm ”.

Which sport do you prefer among the three?

“The bike still makes me feel like a child when you make fast turns and you really enjoy pedaling. It is a feeling of freedom and play ”.

How much do materials and equipment help?

“By now they are essential for an athlete: for each discipline you have to find the materials that help improve performance the most, in this our sponsors support us a lot as they do for me with Aquasfere. They are always ready to meet our needs and to listen to us if we suggest some improvement ”.

“In the long run, the 2024 Paris Olympics . I was unable to try to access the Tokyo qualifiers because the qualifiers took place when I was not yet ready to acquire scores. Instead, in the short term, I aim to achieve good results in Karlory Vary World Cup and to the October races valid for the Italian sprint and Olympic championship “.

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