Trump again, to embarrass the U.S. army in 1775, seized airports

Трамп опять оконфузился: американская армия в 1775 году захватила аэропорты

The US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) has again become the object of ridicule around the world. The reason his remarks during a speech on the independence Day – according to him, the us army XVIII century seized the airports.

Speaking about the victories of the U.S. army in 1775 over Britain, trump said then, “was captured by the airports.” It is obvious that the President does not know that the first flights began only in the early years of the twentieth century. The Wright brothers made the first successful flight in 1903.

In addition, the capture of Fort McHenry, which also said trump, occurred in 1812, and not in 1775. “In June 1775, the continental Congress gathered revolutionary army near Boston and new York. The army survived a harsh winter and later became famous to the Delaware. They took the air, overcame the ramparts, took the airports – did all that was needed. And in Fort McHenry on a red light rocket launcher is our army got the win,” said trump in the presence of thousands of Americans.

First his words drew the attention of CNN’s Daniel Dale, then the whole world raised the American commander to laugh.

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