Trump allowed the production of oil around the famous monument in Utah

Трамп разрешил добычу нефти около знаменитого памятника в Юте

As the Washington Post reported the administration of Donald trump (Donald Trump) has approved a plan to expand drilling and mining in the area, which affects a part of the legendary monument in Utah.

These lands were previously untouched as part of the national monument “Grand staircase Escalante” and the national monument Bears Ears. Two years ago this place was stripped of its status as protected places, which paved the way for the White house to permit drilling.

This decision is likely to intensify the legal fight for the preservation of sites. In this area found large quantities of oil, gas and coal, but ranchers also want to keep their pastures. In addition, this land is culturally significant to the indigenous Indian tribes in the region, contains precious fossils of dinosaurs and rock carvings, and other artifacts, not to mention the monuments.

Environmental groups argue that the new plans will allow for “destructive actions” in the wild land that was previously part of the monuments.

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