Trump gets rid of all who testified against him

Трамп избавляется от всех, кто давал показания против него

Looks like Donald trump (Donald Trump) did not learn from their mistakes. Insiders say that after the closure of the case of impeachment of the Senate President’s firing of his entourage all who could testify in the hearings.

Although many Republicans said that the President now should behave more cautiously, but trump is again abusing your position. “Free from the shadow of impeachment and are, knowing that Republicans in Congress will forgive literally any violation, he with the reckless strike strikes back, beyond even what imagined his detractors,” writes NBC.

According to izdaniya he made the “enemies list” on impeachment, and now his administration is engaged in a witch hunt. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham in an interview with Fox News noted that trump feels like a victim, and that “maybe people have to pay for it.”

In particular, on Friday, trump has fired Lieutenant Colonel Alex Windman, a member of the national security Council, who testified about the infamous phone call trump in Ukraine, and then gave testimony in the investigation of impeachment of the house of representatives in the framework of the subpoenas.

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