Trump was invited to the White house summit on the social networks of right-wing extremists

Трамп пригласил на саммит Белого дома по социальным сетям правых экстремистов

The US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) has invited right-wing extremists at a summit on social media, who conducts his administration.

In addition to the invitation of the leaders of traditional, conservative think tanks such as the heritage Foundation and the Claremont Institute, the White house invited to the event several far-right Internet stars and trolls, who spread conspiracy theories, lies and disinformation.

The white house has repeatedly refused to publish the list of people invited to the summit, but some of the recipients have posted invitations on social networks. Among such people — radio host bill Mitchell, promoting extremist conspiracy theory Please, anonymous media Troll Carpe Donktum activist Ali Alexander, warring with Senator Kamala Harris, and many others.

Also on the summit are invited Charlie kirk, the founder of right-wing student group Turning Point USA, which sometimes publish misleading information. Will benny Johnson – journalist fired for plagiarizing from BuzzFeed and low in the post at the Independent Journal Review for violation of the standards of the company.

The white house did not comment on the invitation. The press service published only the official announcement of the measures aimed at “combating online bias”.

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