Trump welcomes the progress in negotiations with Beijing

Trump salue des progrès dans les négociations avec Pékin

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During a press conference in the oval Office of the White House, the president, Donald Trump has announced that american negotiators would go to China “in early February”

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Donald Trump on Thursday ruled that “tremendous progress” had been made in the trade negotiations between the United States and China, Beijing, speaking of” significant progress “, but many points of contention still remained to be settled for burying the hatchet.

“Important advances” are coming out of the negotiations by the delegations of american and chinese in Washington, dc, announced the official agency new China. Citing a press release from the chinese delegation, the agency refers to discussions, “sincere, accurate and productive” between the two parties.

The White House, who noted that there was still ” plenty of work “, has been unyielding on the deadline, noting that the 90-day truce, which will end on march 1, represented ” a firm deadline “.

Donald Trump and his chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, had consented, on the 1st of December, during a meeting in Buenos Aires, to suspend the trade war between the two leading economies of the world to try to find an agreement.

In a letter, read in the oval Office of the White House by a member of the chinese delegation, Xi Jinping has estimated that the commercial relations between the United States and China were now at a stage ” the capital “. “I hope that the two parties will continue to work in a spirit of mutual respect “, he added.

For his part, Donald Trump has announced that american negotiators would go to China ” in early February “.

On the other hand, the meeting is envisaged with Xi Jinping “in the near future” to address “some of the most difficult” is not yet organized, he said.

A future historic agreement ?

The tenant of the White House had said earlier that negotiations were taking place in ” a good state of mind by raising the good will of both parties.

“I think we will probably conclude a final agreement,” he told journalists. “If it was, then it would be the largest agreement ever concluded “.

The meeting between MESSRS. Trump and Xi could take place after the summit planned for the end of February between the american president and the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to the american media.

Donald Trump also stressed that he intended to conclude a “true agreement” addressing all contentious.

For the time being, the chief negotiator for american, Robert Lighthizer, and his chinese counterpart, Liu He, an influential adviser to the president of china, remained secretive about the negotiations in progress.

Mr. Liu was already at the helm in the past year when commercial negotiations fail in the course of which China has been pretty adamant.

But since then, the situation has changed : the chinese economy is slowing down. In 2018, the asian giant has registered the lowest growth of the last 28 years, affected in particular by the trade dispute. The global growth is slowing also.

“Real commitments “

Specifically, the government Trump demands that China put an end to trade practices considered ” unfair “.

It aims, in particular, the forcible transfer of american technologies in the framework of joint ventures in China, the “theft” of american intellectual property, piracy, as well as the massive subsidies granted to chinese companies from State into national champions. The government also urges Beijing to reduce the u.s. trade deficit and massive to open up its market.

All these topics were discussed at the talks on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the White House. “The two parties have demonstrated a willingness to engage on all the main issues “, she stressed.

If the chinese side seems willing to make concessions to further open its market to u.s. products, in particular agricultural, she seems less inclined to make structural changes. Because in these negotiations, it is the dominant position in the future high-tech industries that are competing for the two countries.

China has launched in 2015, a plan called “Made in China 2025” (Made in China 2025) intended to make the country a world leader in industries of the future, whether it’s aerospace, robotics, telecommunications, or artificial intelligence, or vehicles with new energy.

“The United States is particularly focused on obtaining real commitments on the issues of structural changes and the reduction of the deficit,” commercial, according to the White House.

In order to compel Beijing to correct these distortions in trade, the White House has imposed customs taxes additional $ 250 billion of chinese imports. Beijing retaliated by imposing tariffs additives on $ 110 billion of american goods.

If no agreement was found, the trade war would of most beautiful, has accused the government of Trump.


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