Trump’s chances in new presidential campaign assessed

Trump’s chances in new presidential campaign assessed

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Trump’s chances in new presidential campaign assessed

The scientific director of the Center for Republican Studies, Rodion Belkovich, assessed the chances of former US President Donald Trump in the event of his participation in the new presidential campaign in 2024. He told his point of view in an interview with “”.

Belkovich believes that in the near future the Republican Party will try to adhere to centrist positions, as it was “burned” by Trump, who allowed himself harsh and radical statements.

The expert considers it doubtful that Trump will be able to return to big politics as an independent player, since the US party system involves nomination from one of the leading parties, Republican or Democratic, and the chances of candidates from “third forces” are small.

“I do not believe that Trump can be an active independent participant in politics. Trump was more likely the reason for a new impulse. I do not think that Trump has any prospects of becoming the leader of a new conservative, republican revolution, ”summed up Belkovich.

Earlier, Trump said that he had made a decision to participate in the 2024 elections. He answered “yes” to a journalist’s question about his possible participation. “Not that I want it. The country needs it. We must take care of this country. It’s not fun, constantly fighting, always fighting, ”added Trump.

However, some of his party members fear that in this case, he could potentially harm moderate Republican candidates running in state races, or renew discussions about his role in the January 6 Capitol riots.