Tula Rodríguez considers Josimar to be the “best salsa singer in Peru”

Tula Rodríguez considers Josimar to be the “best salsa singer in Peru”

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Tula Rodríguez considers Josimar to be the “best salsa singer in Peru”

The singer Josimar left Peru very recently to fulfill the activities that his musical career demands, what prevented him from being by his daughter’s side during their fifteen-year celebration. For this reason, the national salsero held a live communication with the minor on Thursday in a new edition of En Boca de todos.

The ex-vocalist of Mangú y Caribeños de Guadalupe broke more than once remembering all the family moments he lost because of his work. However, a comment from one of the conductors drew attention, as she stated that Josimar is the best jump singer in all of Peru.

These words were made by Tula Rodríguez just before asking the singer to dedicate a song to her daughter. “You who are the best salsa singer in this country, my friend. What would you sing (to your little girl) so that this moment is eternalized for her 15 years? ”, Said the host who in recent days was at the center of the controversy.

Josimar will offer a concert with the public in the United States for National Holidays

Josimar y su Yambú will have the chance to play again in a concert with an audience, which will take place in New York City. The show will be part of a celebration on the occasion of the National Holidays of Peru for compatriots living in North America.

The national singer himself made this event known through the stories on his Instagram account. He announced that the show will take place on Saturday, July 17. The concert will take place in the restaurant-bar Mi Rocoto Peru, where you can attend with prior reservation. Mercedes Pollet will be the background artist.

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