Tunisians are waiting for a road map that respects popular legitimacy and ends the era of a parliament in which corruption and t

Tunisians are waiting for a road map that respects popular legitimacy and ends the era of a parliament in which corruption and t

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Tunisians are waiting for a road map that respects popular legitimacy and ends the era of a parliament in which corruption and t

Tunisians are awaiting the appointment of a new prime minister, while calls intensify from political actors to speed up that and announce the roadmap for the next political stage by President Said, while calls for the social movement to dissolve parliament and continue to hold accountable all those involved in financial or political corruption..

Tunisian President Kais Saied said in talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that he will soon present his roadmap for the coming period, and will continue to give importance to popular legitimacy..

Saeed has not yet announced his plan for the next stage or the name of the person he will be assigned to form the government, but his statements and the expectations of observers indicate that the next stage may be a scene devoid of Parliament and new arrangements that may include amending the electoral system and the system of government.

And constitutional law professor Rabeh Al-Kharaifi considered in statements to Sky News Arabia that the idea of ​​the road map in itself represents the traditional political thought that Qais Saeed rejects, especially after the exceptional measures he adopted indicated that he chose surprise and ambiguity..

He added: “The parties are asking the president to clarify the vision, but he considers them to be part of the problem, the old system, and the crisis.”“.

Al-Kharaifi explained that the law establishing exceptional procedures entails two legal behaviors represented in isolating and freezing those involved and a political behavior that requires changing the political system and dismantling the old party system that produced the idea of ​​the road map, consensus and dialogue; The old system cannot produce a political thought in line with July 25th, but the only symbol from within the new system is the president himself. The individual leads all after the political earthquake that Tunisia witnessed..

For his part, the representative of the Democratic Current, Hisham Al-Ajbouni, said in statements to Sky News that the imminent danger on the basis of which Article 80 will not be eliminated in ten days or a month, which is the health crisis, the economic issue and the fight against political corruption, stressing that it is not possible to return to Parliament before opening the files of all MPs and politicians and holding them accountable Through a fair judiciary, the representative suggested that the exceptional period would exceed a month, especially since the deputies are on a two-month parliamentary recess.

As for the representative of the People’s Movement, Heikal Al-Makki, he believes that the popular expression in Tunisia was clear and the demands of the corrective movement are to give priority to saving the finance and economy and to start fighting corruption, noting that Tunisia has begun to recover and got rid of political Islam and closed the Brotherhood file, which is a major local, regional and international achievement..

Regarding the upcoming road map, Al-Makki said in statements to the website that the next steps will be within the framework of what the people determine, without turning back from freedoms and the democratic issue, and without acceleration and haste, as he put it..

He added, “I do not think that it is possible to return Parliament because it will revive the system of political Islam. It was not a parliament for the people, but rather an alliance of corruption and terrorism, and no law was issued in favor of Tunisians, as it witnessed shameful scenes of violence. It included a number of honorable representatives“.

The deputy added, “As for the procedural and legal output, it must be studied with experts and specialists“.

While waiting for a road map for a political solution or new measures announced by Said, it seems that a large part of the Tunisian people is providing open support for the decisions of the president, as the expectations of Tunisians have risen since Said took power, to reform the country and eliminate corruption..

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