Twin laugh at: the Week to the Zodiac complete “fiasco”

The astrologer gave the horoscope for the weekend from 14 to 17 number.

Близнеца поднимут на смех: Неделя для Зодиака закончится полным «фиаско»

Inactive position of mercury at the end of this week will be a major surprise in the horoscope of a Twin. Australian astrologer Nancy Clark in his blog said that the week from 10 to 16 the number of complete “fiasco” for this Zodiac.

According to astrological troubles you need to be in communication with people. By the end of the week, any conversation will go up against the Zodiac. The astrologer does not recommend on the weekends to actively communicate with friends, as in a large company “Twin laugh at” because of absent-mindedness and inability to answer for himself. This condition can bring the Twins out of the rut, but the astrologer advises not to get upset ahead of time. Quite possibly, your weakness will be the chance to get to know friends and acquaintances.

The astrologer notes that the zodiac is not my fault that his health will breathe its last, so the Twins should not be upset. The end of the week best spent in solitude, dealing with domestic issues. On Saturday and Sunday, you can send the shopping, clean up house, cooking food for the week, plan out things. Communication with people can be made up for later, when mercury again will be strong.

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