Twitter was hit by technical problems, some users could not tweet

Twitter was hit by technical problems, some users could not tweet

Twitter suffered technical problems, some users could not tweet

Twitter application on a mobile phone – illustrative photo.

San Francisco (USA) – The social network Twitter has been hit by technical problems. Some users received a message that they exceeded their daily tweet limit, according to media reports. The network's owner Elon Musk said early this morning that the platform is experiencing several internal and external issues and that the service will be back up and running soon. In connection with the outage, the Reuters agency recalled the large-scale layoffs to which Musk proceeded.

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According to the Downdetector service, which monitors reports of Internet service outages, around 9,000 users in the United States already reported it early Wednesday evening (before midnight CET). In the Czech Republic, the number of reports did not exceed one hundred. Around noon CET, the number of reports was minimal.

“Twitter may not be working as it should for some of you. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of the issue and are working to fix it,” said Twitter's customer support account.


The outage comes as billionaire Musk has cut Twitter's workforce since taking over Twitter in October. That raises concerns about the service's viability with fewer software engineers, according to some media outlets.

Musk told Twitter employees on Wednesday to pause development of new features “in favor of maximizing the stability and robustness of the system, particularly with regard to for the upcoming (American Football League final) Super Bowl”.