Two 14- and 9-year-old brothers earn more than $ 30,000 a month mining cryptocurrencies

Two 14- and 9-year-old brothers earn more than $ 30,000 a month mining cryptocurrencies

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Two 14- and 9-year-old brothers earn more than $ 30,000 a month mining cryptocurrencies

Two enterprising brothers – the oldest is 14 years old and his name is Ishaan Thakur; together with his 9-year-old sister, Aanya- they started a lucrative business around cryptocurrencies: they started with a notebook and now they bill 30 thousand dollars a month.

“We started experimenting because we wanted to learn something new about technology and, incidentally, earn some money,” the oldest told CNBC.

Monthly, the Thakur brothers get more than $ 30,000 clean managing three types of crypto: Bitcoin, the most valuable on the market; Ether, the second most important and Ravencoin, a type of alternative cryptocurrency.

To get to the current level of knowledge, Ishaan and Aanya had to learn how to manage and mine cryptocurrencies.

They started with a notebook and now they have a large mining company. Asus

It’s like digging for gold or diamonds. But instead of using shovels or excavators, computers are used. Instead of finding pieces of gold or diamonds, you get cryptocurrencies, ”says the eldest of the Thakur.

During the vacation break, the brothers agreed to investigate how to profit from digital currencies. “We could have spent the whole summer playing video games, but instead we used our free time to learn about technology,” they commented.

In the span of a few months they moved from a small family room in the Texas city of Frisco to a rented, air-conditioned data center in downtown Dallas, Texas.

The path traveled by the Thakur was one of total ascent. After the first favorable results they moved their equipment to the garage on the ground floor. But that space also ended up being too small for them.

“Now we use the garage only to build and test mining rigs. When they are ready, we move them to the professional data center,” they say.

To learn the intricacies of this business, they had to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials and collecting information online. When they were ready, Ishaan turned his Alienware gaming notebook into a mine to grow Ether.

To do this, he modified the graphics card included in the device, adapting it to be able to perform the large number of calculations that the cultivation of cryptocurrencies demands.

Two 14- and 9-year-old brothers earn more than $ 30,000 a month mining cryptocurrencies

The Thakur brothers bet on Bitcoin. Reuters photo

The young people’s family did not hesitate to quickly accept the new activity of their children. In fact, the father helped his sons create their own cryptocurrency cultivation company, called Flifer Technologies. On their first day, they made three dollars.


Aware that cryptocurrency mining is an enemy of the environment, the brothers employ 100% renewable energy for extraction. “We want to be friendly to the environment.”

Your electricity bill reaches a little less $ 3,000 total for both your home and your data centerIshaan said. Which represents barely twice the amount of household consumption.

Ishaan and Aanya reinvested most of the profits in the company, but they hope the mining operations will as well. help pay your college fees in the future.

With the first dollars they acquired two powerful graphics cards (GPU) such as Antminers and Nvidia RTX 3080-Ti, which allowed them to start managing Ravencoin as well. Two little millionaires.


With information from La Vanguardia.