Two daycare centers, two days, two dead children – there is one sad thing in common

Two daycare centers, two days, two dead children – there is one sad thing in common

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Two daycare centers, two days, two dead children – there is one sad thing in common

Updated: 08/31/202123:05

A two-year-old dies while taking a nap in the daycare center, probably because his head is pinched. Just one day later, another child from a daycare center dies. He is also trapped.

Gelsenkirchen / Lemgo – It is the horror of all parents: Yesterday, a two-year-old boy died in a daycare center in Gelsenkirchen during his afternoon nap. The toddler seems to have suffocated after getting his head trapped in a bunk bed. Just one day after the shock, a tragic accident occurred in a daycare center in North Rhine-Westphalia – again the child was trapped and died.

The second incident occurred on Tuesday noon on the premises of a daycare center in Lemgo (Lippe district). According to the findings of the police so far, a five-year-old boy had played on a vehicle trailer with a tilting loading area parked on the outdoor area. It got stuck between the tipping device and the chassis of the trailer. The alarmed rescue workers were able to free the boy, but he died of his serious injuries at the scene of the accident.

Two dead children in daycare centers in North Rhine-Westphalia: the police are investigating

The police are investigating after both tragic accidents. In particular, the exact circumstances that led to the death of the five-year-old in Lemgo were initially unclear, according to the police spokesman. The criminal investigation is just beginning. It is still unclear why the two by three meter trailer was parked on the outdoor area of ​​the daycare center in the Lemgo district of Lieme. He was confiscated for closer investigation. The exact sequence of events is still unclear, it said on Tuesday evening.

The rescue workers were alerted at 12:20 p.m. They were able to free the boy, but no longer save them. Relatives of the boy, kindergarten children, daycare employees and rescue workers involved in the operation were then looked after by pastors.

Gelsenkirchen: Child dies at noon in daycare – the cause is clear

The exact cause of death of the child in the Gelsenkirchen facility has not yet been confirmed by an autopsy, as a city spokesman said on Tuesday. The posture in which the boy was found confirms the suspicion that he was trapped and suffocated.

The boy had been lying down in the bunk bed during his afternoon nap and obviously pushed up the bottom plate of the bed above. Then his head was probably wedged between the bed frame and the bottom plate of the upper bed, said the city spokesman. The whole thing happened silently. The educators * who were sitting in front of the relaxation room hadn’t heard anything. The two-year-old was reanimated but died shortly afterwards. (dpa)

A fatal drama also occurred in Austria on Tuesday when a family had an accident on the autobahn *. Both children had to be reanimated on site. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA