Two days with the coronavirus fell ill 100 thousand people, – who

За два дня коронавирусом заболели 100 тысяч человек, – ВОЗ

The head of the world health organization Tedros Aden Gebreyesus stated that the dynamics of the spread Covid-19 is growing rapidly.

During a speech at the summit of G20 head of who called for aggressive measures to combat the coronavirus, the press service of the organization on Twitter.

Gebreyesus noted that without aggressive action on the part of countries, millions of people can lose a life.

Pandemic Covid-19 accelerating at an exponential rate. The first 100 thousand cases took 67 days. The second 11 days. On the third 100 thousand took only 4 days. Fourth – only 2 days. Without aggressive action in all countries, millions could die,
said Gebreyesus.

As of March 26, the world was 526 044 cases of infection with coronavirus and 23 709 deaths. But recovered 122 066 people.

За два дня коронавирусом заболели 100 тысяч человек, – ВОЗ

Coronavirus in numbers / Infographic 24 channel

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