Two decades of Devil May Cry

Two decades of Devil May Cry

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Two decades of Devil May Cry

Sony’s PlayStation 2 (PS2), launched in March of the year 200, not only remains the best-selling home console in the entire history of video games, but is also the owner of a wide catalog of titles that innovated in gameplay, graphics and story; one of them is undoubtedly the Capcom saga “Devil May Cry” or DMC, which reached the hands of two million 160 thousand fans of the virtual world in its first installment, which this August 23 marks 20 years of its launch.

With five titles under its belt, the Dante the demon hunter saga remains valid in the new generation of consoles, since recently the developer decided to launch a special edition of the fifth installment for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles. Although two decades ago it was exclusive to the Sony console (PS2) and therefore thousands of gamers turned to this console that has more than 155 million units sold since its departure in the new millennium.

The devil may cry, literal translation into Spanish of “Devil May Cry”, is a good phrase to reflect what happened with the direct sequels of the series on the PS2, since the second and third parts of the Dante saga did not have the same impact as the first, although it is not the first title to suffer from this situation, since DMC 2 reached only 1,700,000 units sold and a third achieved 2,300,000 units, figures not far from the initial game and with which they said goodbye to the exclusivity for the Sony console.

Already in 2008 the demon hunter jumped to a new generation of consoles, this time not only on the Play Station 3, but also on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with Devil May Cry 4, which helped to be the most successful title in the saga with sales of three million copies worldwide, the only installment to reach that figure and therefore the most successful of the first decade of the new millennium, because in 2013 Ninja Theory launched “DMC: Devil May Cry”, a kind of reissue or remake of the original Dante story, which has fans and detractors alike and which reached just over two million 400 thousand units sold, ranking among the least successful installments of the saga.

Despite these setbacks, the DMC saga managed to exceed its sales with the arrival of the fifth installment that reached the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019, as it exceeded four million units sold, in addition to passing to the new generation consoles and will increase its numbers among gamers around the world. According to the figures issued by Capcom, the five installments of the saga, in addition to the compilations on the different consoles, exceed 17 million copies sold, having a stable presence among the preference of gamers around the world.

With two decades of life and at least six titles, Devil May Cry is one of the titles that left a bittersweet taste in the mouth of many of the fans of the virtual world, with adequate graphics and constantly evolving as it progressed on the different consoles.

Teodoro Santos