Two glasses of wine rescued the woman from the deadly disease

Два бокала вина спасли женщину от смертельной болезни

25-year-old British girl Lauren Firenze two glasses of wine helped to diagnose cancer, and therefore to recover from the deadly disease.

After she drank the wine, she felt a strong “unhealthy” itching on the hand. At first she didn’t pay it proper attention. However, two months later, when again decided to have a glass of wine, the symptoms have returned, writes the Daily Mail.

Then Florence decided to go to the doctor. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage four on his right lung. This malignant tumor symptoms include severe itching and abdominal pain after drinking alcohol.

Два бокала вина спасли женщину от смертельной болезни

Lauren Firenze overcame cancer

In just three months the girl had to undergo six cycles of chemotherapy. The treatment was effective – the tumor is no more. But Florence needs to undergo two more chemotherapy to prevent a relapse.

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