Two people suffered moderate injuries in a bus accident in Svitava

Two people suffered moderate injuries in a bus accident in Svitava

During a bus accident in Svitavska, two people suffered moderate injuries

Bus accident – illustrative photo.

Březová nad Svitavou (Svitavsko) – In the accident of a bus on the I/43 road between Březová nad Svitavou and Hradec nad Svitavou, 21 people were injured, of which two passengers were moderately injured, the others they were slightly injured. A total of 45 people were traveling in the bus that went from Brno to Svitavy. Police spokeswoman Andrea Muzikantová told ČTK today. According to firefighters, the road was impassable at the scene of the accident.

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“The bus went into a field and overturned on its side. The road is now controlled by a shuttle, so it is passable,” Muzikantová told ČTK around 11:00 a.m.

All components of the integrated rescue system intervened on the spot. The helicopter did not arrive at the scene due to poor flight conditions, the fire department said on the website. The Atego medical rescue service car from the South Moravian region for the mass transport of people intervened on the spot.

“The driver, born in 1996, is slightly injured. At the time of the traffic accident, there was a strong side wind, it is likely that the weather played a role The causes of the accident are still under investigation,” Muzikantová told ČTK.

According to her, the police have registered more than ten mostly minor traffic accidents in the region since this morning. “So far, the worst situation is in the Svitava region and then around Hlinsko and Nasavrk, where it is pitch black. We urge drivers to be careful,” added Muzikantová.

Not only in the Pardubice region, traffic is complicated by strong wind and snow in many places. It snowed or rained with snow in the morning in most of the region with strong winds. From the middle positions, tongues of snow can form in places, and snowdrifts can also form on the mountains.