“Two skeletons”: the call of the existential void

«Deux squelettes»: l’appel du vide existentiel

Photo: Catherine Legault Duty
Priscilla Guy and Sebastien Provencher imagine themselves in unlikely characters.

Through a series of vignettes broken up in the image of a news thread that is rolled, Priscilla Guy and Sebastien Provencher imagine themselves in unlikely characters : two beings known almost silent and free from their mortal coil. Placed in situations that are more absurd than others, their alter ego rub to symptoms that affect our societies hyperconnectées. And almost everything happens in this room close to the physical theater : the cult of performance, the sensationalism of the media, the fake news, the entertainment, the rhetoric and, as the other side to the schoolboy humor, the appeal of the existential vacuum.

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The skeleton like figure of our disembodiment

On the notes to be supported, and ceremonial band, the two characters make their appearance around a cup of tea, head wrapped and wearing both pants skeleton-style Halloween costume. Of sound clips of stories retrieved on the Web and falsified are disseminated to provide clues as to the potential origins of the characters. The image of two astronauts in shortness of breath, the performers move in slow motion before lend themselves to a session of aerobic bone on the voice haunting of a sports coach.

The pivotal Moment of the play, the sequence of the show, television show hosted by a presenter at the logorrhée verbal sickly (Renaud Paradis) is delicious irony. Through this character, who speaks for three plays a parody squeaky analyses pédantes, hermeneutical, and drawn by the hair of the work of the two artists described as “subjects present in their absence” and that great ” démorbidiser the skeleton “. The use of video allows us to obtain a sort of aesthetic of a glitch then that the speeches of the people on the screen freeze, derailed and become onomatopoeia. Patterns that are mirror movements forced the two dancers.

Despite its sequences dynamic and its ability to transport us into different worlds by a simple set of accessories, the room, dancing abruptly from one register to the other, ends up losing somewhat in consistency. We will focus especially on the sudden disappearance of the figures of skeletons in favor of a dance of carnal mobilizing the hands and back. Although very beautiful, this table is carried by the atmosphere enveloping the music scene and the warm light struggling to find its place in the quilt. As if he lacked a transition to arrive at this type of contrast, and to arrive at the conclusion. A late yet very eloquent on a declamation triturée and spasmodic of winter Evening of Nelligan that raises some interesting paradoxes.

Two skeletons

A creation and with Priscilla Guy and Sébastien Provencher (Mandolin Hybrid). Presented by Agora de la danse, until the 2nd of February at the Building Wilder – Espace danse.


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