Two women lured over 15 million CZK for fictitious cancer treatment for one of them

Two women cheated over 15 million CZK for fictitious cancer treatment of one of them

Czech banknotes, crowns, museum of the Czech National Bank, bank vault – illustration photo.

Hradec Králové – Two women lured more than 15 million crowns from their acquaintances for fictitious cancer treatment for one of them. If found guilty, the two women, aged 26 and 42, face up to ten years in prison. The Regional Directorate of the Police of the Hradec Králové Region reported on the case today on the website. The police charged both women with complicity in fraud, and the older woman with credit fraud.

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“They were supposed to tell their family members and acquaintances that the elderly woman's cancer had returned and that she needed money for experimental gene therapy, which is expensive. Based on the fictitious pretext of an alleged serious illness, they lured more than 25 victims in less than 15 months than 15.6 million crowns,” said police spokeswoman Iva Kormošová.

According to the police, the victims gave them all their savings and were persuaded to take out loans and credits. “In order for the accused women to verify the claims about the disease, they presented the victims with fictitious medical reports, various confirmations from the insurance company and e-mail communication with the alleged doctor, while they set up the e-mail for this purpose themselves. They promised the creditors that after the treatment was completed, the insurance company would reimburse all the costs and they will be able to return the borrowed money to them,” said Kormošová.

Criminalists also blame the forty-two-year-old woman for negotiating loans with 15 different non-banking companies, even though she knew that she would not be able to pay due to her financial situation its obligations. “It caused damage to these companies in excess of 100,000 crowns,” added Kormošová.