Two women overwhelmed and killed in a field.  The cousin: “They were with two friends, where did they go?”

Two women overwhelmed and killed in a field. The cousin: “They were with two friends, where did they go?”

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Two women overwhelmed and killed in a field.  The cousin: “They were with two friends, where did they go?”

Two women of Moroccan origin were found dead in a cornfield in San Giuliano Milanese, near Milan. Hanan Nekhla, 32, and her friend Sara El Jaafari, 28, were overwhelmed and killed by an agricultural vehicle. Hanan had raised the alarm on 112 on Friday morning, explaining that they had both been hit by a combine harvester. A farmer, held responsible for having run over and killed the two young women, is now under investigation for double manslaughter.

The man explained to the carabinieri that he had not noticed anything. The public prosecutor of Lodi, Domenico Chiaro, stressed that “it is simply a duty” to allow the man to participate with his own consultant, if he deems it appropriate, to unrepeatable assessments like the autopsies on the bodies of the victims, which will be held today at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Pavia.

The brother of the investigated farmer: “An accident, he didn’t see them”

As it later emerged, to overwhelm the women would have been a medium used for spreading insecticides and not, as it had initially emerged, a combine harvester. The medium is under seizure and analyzes began to identify any biological traces of the girls and to confirm the compatibility of the signs found on their bodies with the investment.

The autopsy also provides toxicological tests on the victims, as the younger woman, the one who raised the alarm, could also have inhaled the sprayed substance, and this could be one of the contributing causes of his death.

The brother of the investigated farmer, who works on the family farm in Lacchiarella, in the province of Milan, said, quoted by Skytg24 that it was “an accident” and that his brother “unfortunately is now upset”. “He hasn’t seen them,” he added on the phone, explaining that the vehicle is very tall and the corn plants are very dense.

The last call for help

Hanan, the woman who had called for help, had spoken in Arabic and her words had been translated by an interpreter. After the phone call, which ended abruptly, the searches had started, but it took almost 36 hours because carabinieri and firefighters could find the bodies, in a field on the border between San Giuliano Milanese and Locate di Triulzi.

The two women, both of Moroccan origin, were found lying in a makeshift bed between the corn plants at least 4 meters high. According to the carabinieri, the two young women may not have been alone in the field. In fact, the investigator is trying to ascertain the possible presence of other people, having found more than two mobile phones on the spot.

The cousin of the victims: “They were with two friends, where did they go?”

The statements by Meryen, 24 years old, cousin of the victims, a The Republic is The day. According to the girl, the two young women would be go out with two friends the night between last Thursday and Friday.

“Hanan was with my sister, in the province of Varese. Thursday night it was quiet, as always. They had dinner early, after eight, then he started pulling out clothes for her to send home to Morocco, ”she said. After a phone call from Sara, who asked her to do something, Hanan decided to go out. Sara was with two Moroccans they had recently met, with whom she would come to pick her up. “I don’t know who they are, I’ve never met them, I think they met them on Facebook,” Meryen added.

The group leaves at three in the morning, Hanan assures that he will be back in an hour. But the untamed morning, at 11, calls the carabinieri in desperation, claiming to be badly injured, while Sara was already dead. “Hanan wasn’t used to being late, she was a quiet girl, she certainly hadn’t planned to sleep there,” says Meryen, who now asks to know the truth.

We want those two guys to show up, explaining how things went, ”he says. “They have to say what happened and when they ran away. When they left Hanan and Sara alone in that inaccessible place, were they still alive? Why did those two run away? Maybe they didn’t have the papers or maybe they had to hide something. We want to understand where the two friends who were with Hanan and Sara on Thursday night have gone. Maybe they could help them. Instead of leaving them in the field, they could be saved ”.

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