U.S. scientists have published photos of the coronavirus under a microscope

Ученые США опубликовали фотографии коронавируса под микроскопом

Image COVID-19 is not too different from the coronavirus MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV

Scientists of the Laboratory of the Rocky mountains (RML), National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID), the U.S. released photos of coronavirus COVID-19 made under the microscope. About it reports a press-service of the NIAID.

As noted by scholars, the image of the new virus is not too different from the picture MERS-CoV (coronavirus respiratory syndrome in the middle East, which appeared in 2012) or the original SARS-CoV (the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, which appeared in 2002).

Images of the new coronavirus was done on the scanning and transmission electron microscope.

Photo: coronavirus COVID-19 under the microscope (niaid.nih.gov)

We will remind, as of 14 February as a result of the spread of coronavirus in the world have already died 1 383 persons. At the same time recorded 437 64 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection COVID-19.

Also RBC-Ukraine wrote that China has developed an effective method for the treatment of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus COVID-19. In particular, such method is transfusion of blood plasma from convalescents.

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