Udlap students denounce intimidating calls from new board of trustees

Udlap students denounce intimidating calls from new board of trustees

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Udlap students denounce intimidating calls from new board of trustees

Jaime Zambrano

Puebla / 11.07.2021 14:33:14

Students of the University of the Americas Puebla (Udlap) denounced that, like teachers and workers, they are receiving telephone calls that they described as intimidating, opaque and without transparency on behalf of the so-called new board of trustees appointed by the Board for the Care of Private Assistance Institutions of the State of Puebla, a decentralized government body of the state of Puebla.

The movement #YoSoyUdlap made up of students from the institution located in San Andrés CholulHe called for open and transparent dialogue tables to be established so that, as soon as possible, the doors of the university could be reopened.

“We express our dissatisfaction with how the new board of trustees has tried to approach members of the university community, such as academics, students and administrators. Personal, opaque, and non-transparent phone calls are not legitimate ways to engage in any dialogue. These modes, more than a real opening, are a simulation ”, highlights the positioning of the students.

At the same time, the #YoSoyUdlap movement highlighted that, despite the fact that the members of the new board of trustees assure that there is no longer the presence of armed elements of the Secretary of Public Security of the State, when, in reality, it is appreciated that they are hidden inside of the university facilities.

Udlap students called for the removal of all elements of public security and private security forces, as well as the weapons they carry, from the university campus.

“Public security elements with long-range weapons are still observed inside the university. Changing public security for a private security company is still a disproportionate measure, so it does not guarantee a free campus, “the document adds.

The #YoSoyUdlap movement highlighted that the establishment of dialogue will be possible when stakeholders in the university have a place and a transparent conversation is held.

“We believe that a multisectoral dialogue will only be possible when all the parties interested in the regularization of the university’s activities have a seat at the table and a transparent conversation is held, open to public scrutiny with real guarantees”, highlights the position.

After the protest on Saturday, July 10, on the 14 Oriente, which reached the entrance of the José Gaos School, near the Temple of Pain stadium, home of the Aztecs of Udlap, in which the exit of the security forces from the university facilities was demanded, the student movement called for the conditions to be created so that students can continue with their practices and classes on the San Andrés Cholula campus.

“Dialogue is not improvised. That the demands, the effects made since the takeover of the university to date be addressed and the conditions for a real dialogue without simulations be provided ”, concludes the document signed by the students.