Ukraine is in first place for the proliferation of fakes on the coronavirus

Украина на первом месте по распространению фейков о коронавирусе

Information about distribution of the Chinese coronavirus has become an ideal platform for the Pro-Kremlin media to disseminate fake news.

So, one of disinformative news Pro-Kremlin media have headlines such as “Coronavirus – American weapons of mass destruction, directed against China, and developed one of the military laboratories of the United States”, “bill gates and Soros are sponsoring the coronavirus” and “Virus was created in British laboratories, and he purposefully attacks the Chinese.” About Suprun on his Facebook page.

Theme coronavirus resonant, disturbing and challenging. However, according to former I. O., Ministry of health, for the Pro-Kremlin platforms similar themes – “a great opportunity to generate fakes on an industrial scale with the purpose of intimidation and spreading misinformation”.

According to the analysis , an outbreak of coronavirus was the top topic of the Russian news sources RT and Sputnik, as well as many reliable media. But the news of the Pro-Kremlin editions differ significantly from the messages published by reliable sources.

Suprun remembered that sometimes the news of the Pro-Kremlin mouthpieces publish such fantastic theories about the coronavirus that resemble the scenario of a Hollywood movie. But no evidence of these theories is not.

Their messages are distinguished by a large amount of deliberate distortion of information, and also include the message that “play” on human emotions – cause fear, uncertainty, doubt, simultaneously fueling the mythical connection of coronavirus and conspiracy theories,
said Suprun.

The spread of misinformation about the coronavirus occurs on the background of other fake information campaigns. One of them concerns the Poland as a target to conduct a disinformation campaign in the Second world war.

The propaganda of the Pro-Kremlin media in Ukraine

Edition published an article in the online edition of called “Chinese coronavirus was predicted by Nostradamus”. By the way, the Internet news portal running from Moscow in June 2014 and is part of the Russian state media holding “Russia Today”, whose Director General is a propagandist Dmitry Kiselev.

That is, is really a Kremlin-controlled propaganda project, aimed at an audience in Ukraine, which is the target of Pro-Kremlin disinformation.

Thus the news about the prophecies of Nostradamus becomes a small part of a large campaign whose purpose is to sow doubt, fear and confusion in Ukraine.

This kind of publications in Ukraine is not only “”. Suprun recommends that to counteract the lies and misinformation by reading only trusted sources to verify all information and always guided by critical thinking.

Украина на первом месте по распространению фейков о коронавирусе

Pro-Kremlin media fakes are spreading in Ukraine

Also published in five countries, in which more than spread misinformation about the Chinese coronavirus. The list includes Ukraine.

Украина на первом месте по распространению фейков о коронавирусе

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