Ukrainian Comedy “My thoughts quiet” goes online-car rental: where to watch the movie legally

Украинская комедия "Мои мысли тихие" выходит в онлайн-прокат: где смотреть фильм легально

Comedy “My thoughts quiet” from Director Antonio lukić had to enter in the online rental in the late spring. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus and the extension of the quarantine, the authors of a successful project decided to do it early.

It is known that since March 25 the Comedy “My thoughts quiet” can be seen on the video service . Thus the representatives of the successful film star joined colleagues and urged Ukrainians to maintain the quarantine by staying home. Tape was a big success at the box office and thousands of positive reviews, so “My thoughts are quiet” will not disappoint.

Now the film is available for viewing only on the territory of Ukraine. However, the authors of the Comedy are working to expand access for fans of Russian cinema, which are located abroad.

“Right now people need to step back and remember what laughter, love of family and friends, even if you and your mother, grandmother are in different houses, you can have a simultaneous view remotely. Believe me, you will have something to talk about immediately after the film,” said producer Dmitry Sukhanov.

What is known about the film, “My thoughts are quiet”

In the center of the plot of the movie is the story of a young sound engineer Vadim. After many failures he gets a chance to build a career. This guy needs to record voices Transcarpathian animals. A seemingly ordinary task that can help Vadim to leave the “uncomfortable Ukraine” and live in “attractive Canada.” And accompany the hero during the journey to be a mommy.

From the funny scenes and actual problems of communication between parents and kids is impossible to hold laughter. Impressive and the cast of the Comedy “My thoughts are quiet”: the main role in the film got a talented Irma Vitovskaya and Andrew Lidagovskiy. This tandem so much to the moviegoers that thousands of people visited the cinema during the movie. The premiere of the Comedy took place on 16 January.

Watch the trailer for the Comedy “My thoughts are quiet”: the video

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