“Ukrainian song of the year”: how was the music award Oleg winnick and Michael Poplavskiy

"Украинская песня года": как прошла музыкальная премия Олега Винника и Михаила Поплавского

12 February in the National Palace of arts “Ukraine” the national music awards “Ukrainian song of the year”, the initiators of which were well-known Ukrainian artists Oleg winnick and Michael Poplawski.

This award Mikhail Mikhailovich began in 2004. Now the artist decided to give a new breath involving young performers. Leading the ceremony was Ekaterina Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov.

The award ceremony was held under the slogan “Keep together Ukrainian wave” and its winners were not only famous artists but also poets and composers of Ukrainian songs. Among the participants were the stars of domestic show-business, as NK, KHAYAT, TARABAROVA, Sergey Babkin, Natalia Mogilev, and others.

Prior to the event a briefing was held, which was attended by Michael Poplawski and Oleg Vinnik. They decided to restore the project.

We decided to celebrate the best performers of the country, which create a unique contemporary music, those who strengthen our spirituality, and develops the culture and glorify Ukraine in the world. As well as those of his many years of creativity, infused with national traditions, etnikai, love for his country and music, became a legend and an example for many generations of Ukrainians. I believe that we need to support talented young people and protect the property of the nation. Ukrainian song should dominate national television and radio,
– commented Mikhail Mikhailovich.

"Украинская песня года": как прошла музыкальная премия Олега Винника и Михаила Поплавского

The briefing before the musical award “Ukrainian song of the year” / Photo: Press-service

Oleg Vinnik noted that he is happy, because this project brought together legends who all his life was devoted to the development of Ukrainian music, as well as those contemporary artists who popularitybut Ukrainian-language songs throughout the world.

Young modern performers with millions of views on YouTube, should be on the main stage of the country along with away and get your well-deserved awards. They are the future of our music and the Ukrainian nation. First noted composers and authors of popular hits, sung by the whole country. They should also know we have to be proud,
– says Oleg.

"Украинская песня года": как прошла музыкальная премия Олега Винника и Михаила Поплавского

Oleg Winnig on “Ukraïnskiy song of the year” / Instagram / @olegg.vynnyk

The idol of millions Oleg Vinnik also noted that he believes that “Ukrainian song of the year” will be the main and most prestigious music awards of Ukraine and will be held annually.

On the current project worked progressive professionals who changed his concept and introduced modern color.

The main Director was the popular Ukrainian film Director and music video Director Katya Tsarik. She contributed to this massive project a lot of the latest technologies. Katya surprised the audience with an extraordinary supply of rooms, variety of productions. Each performance was a kind of play, didn’t want it ended. The emphasis of the creators of the show did on modernisati, technology and modern picture that was in harmony with the content of the composition and bright complemented her.

"Украинская песня года": как прошла музыкальная премия Олега Винника и Михаила Поплавского

Music award “Ukrainian song of the year” / Photo: Press-service

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