“Unbearable for everyone”: More bodies found after house collapse in Miami

“Unbearable for everyone”: More bodies found after house collapse in Miami

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“Unbearable for everyone”: More bodies found after house collapse in Miami

M.or more than a week after the partial collapse of a residential complex in the US state of Florida, more bodies were discovered in the rubble. Rescue forces found the two dead on Friday, said the mayor of the Miami-Dade district, Daniella Levin Cava, in the evening. This brings the official death toll to 22.

126 people were still missing, although it is unclear how many of them were actually in the building in Surfside near Miami at the time of the accident. Two bodies had already been found on Thursday, including that of the seven-year-old daughter of a firefighter.

The part of the building that is still standing is now to be demolished, as announced by Levin Cava. The building poses a public health and safety hazard, she said. “We know that the building is not stable and has to be demolished.” The authorities in Miami are also looking with great concern at Hurricane “Elsa”, the branches of which could hit the region in the coming days. “But it is too early to know if we are in danger,” said Levin Cava.

Experts are warning of the hurricane

Experts fear that the wind could cause great damage and the remaining building ruins could even collapse. The mayor emphasized, however, that demolition before the storm was impossible. The search for buried victims continues to have top priority.

In the past few days, several hundred rescuers have been on duty around the clock – with sniffer dogs, special cameras, listening instruments and heavy equipment. “It’s so unbearable for everyone,” said Levin Cava about the uncertainty and suffering of the relatives.

The building with around 130 residential units had partially collapsed more than a week ago for reasons that were still unexplained. The misfortune surprised people in their sleep. US President Joe Biden visited the scene of the accident on Thursday. He promised a thorough investigation into the incident.