“Unconventional thinker” storms the stage: Armin Laschet remains calm – Lauterbach expresses fierce criticism

“Unconventional thinker” storms the stage: Armin Laschet remains calm – Lauterbach expresses fierce criticism

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“Unconventional thinker” storms the stage: Armin Laschet remains calm – Lauterbach expresses fierce criticism

Updated: 09/06/202105:37

A lateral thinker storms the stage at an election campaign event of the CDU. Security guards want to intervene, instead Armin Laschet speaks to him.

Erfurt – “First, calm down, secondly, ask questions,” replied Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet calmly when a lateral thinker suddenly stormed the stage at a CDU election event on Saturday. Then the interferer even has the opportunity to voice his question via Laschet’s microphone.

Armin Laschet reassures lateral thinkers: “The question he asked is a legitimate one”

“I’m the father of three children, I’m Thomas Brauner,” the supporter of the lateral thinker movement begins with a shaky voice that reveals his nervousness. “Will children be subjected to an administrative offense from Monday if they do not get tested, if they do not wear a mask and are possibly not ready to be vaccinated?” The man yells, while Laschet listens patiently. “At this point I am asking myself the question, very seriously: If we are in a pandemic that is not good for all of us, why do I force the children to go to school?”

When the man has finished, Armin Laschet guides him from the stage with a wave of his hand and the words “Well, now go back again”. “We can’t let everyone on stage now,” explains Laschet, adding: “Everyone has now understood the question! We do the following […] Now you go behind the barriers and I will answer your question, “says the CDU candidate for chancellor, addressing the audience:” The question he asked is a legitimate one. I think it’s nice that […] you also get into a dialogue. “

Criticism from Lauterbach: “This is not close to the citizen, but simply stupid”

Opinions on Armin Laschet’s appearance differ on Twitter: “Solid”, “Approachable, direct, open, honest. A chancellor who really listens, ”say some. “He doesn’t skip a fat bowl” or “That was stupid”, it is said by other users. Health expert Karl Lauterbach (SPD) shares the latter opinion: “Incredible. Armin Laschet lets himself be yelled at by a lateral thinker without a mask at a distance of 20 cm. It’s not close to the citizens, it’s just stupid, ”he writes on Twitter. He seems to have the health aspect in mind above all.

Others are more wondering who the candidate for chancellor is entering into a dialogue with: Thomas Brauner is known in the lateral thinker scene as “bus driver Thomas Brauner”. He had already attracted attention in the past with playing down the Holocaust. In his Telegram channel, among other things, he calls for “mask exemption on the bus, muzzle prohibited” and calls for financial donations to be made on his account.

Lateral thinkers Thomas Brauner and Armin Laschet at an election campaign event of the CDU on the Erfurt Anger (September 3, 2021).

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Laschet’s answer: “I reject compulsory vaccination for children”

In Thuringia, the state government wants to impose a fine in the future if children do not get tested in school even though they have not been vaccinated or recovered. Between 60 euros and 250 euros are due. This is what the lateral thinker asked Armin Laschet about. Due to the unclear situation of those returning after the summer holidays, masks would still have to be worn at the schools, Laschet explains the background to the decision. However, the prime minister of the country, Bodo Ramelow (Die Linke), is responsible. The CDU’s candidate for chancellor also makes his opinion clear: “I reject compulsory vaccination or pressure on children to be vaccinated.”

When a voice from the audience shouts “I’ll take you at your word”, Laschet replies “You can do that. I’ll give you the number from the Chancellery, ”and with it earned a few laughs from the otherwise dismissive audience.

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