Unforgivable Writings |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

Unforgivable Writings | Costa Tropical Gazette News

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Unforgivable Writings |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

As can be seen in the photo, somebody thought it a great idea to use spray paint to write in large letters: Playa Nudista. Respect, down on Catarriján Beach.

Respect? Oh the irony of it!

Right next to Cantarriján Beach there is a second, smaller beach (a cove) also used by nudists or naturalists or whatever the preferred term is. This message sprayed onto a rock face indicated the way to this second beach, just around the rocks.

Now, nobody questions the fact that whoever wrote it is a veritable idiot; the question is which idiot did it.

The Association of Friends of the Nudist Beach of Cantarriján (AAPNC) interpret it as having been scrawled by a “textile” (their term for somebody who flaunts beach wear) as, they consider, no nudist, naturalist or birthday-suit bather would carry out such a shameful act. Clearly the message was aimed at them to respect other beach users, they consider.

However, it could just as easily have been written by a nudist demanding that other beach users respect their right to go nude there and not to be spied upon like exhibits in a zoo.

The fact is that this beach is within a protected area; a natural park whose very existence signifies the preservation of its natural state, which does not include painting large, black letters all over the rocks. As the AAPNC pointed out, it had to have been done after dark because everybody would see you doing it, otherwise.

If they do catch the culprit, he or she could face a fine of between 3,001 euros and 200,000, so best they are wearing something with productive pockets.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)