Unions: Production at the Cologne Toyota plant will not fully resume at the end of February

Unions: Production at the Cologne Toyota plant will not fully resume at the end of February

Unions: Production at Toyota's Cologne plant ends ;nora will not restore fully

Illustrative photo – Production shutdown began on February 1, 2023 at Toyota in Cologne due to a lack of components. According to the spokesperson, it will last almost a whole month. The end date has not yet been set. The picture shows an empty production hall.

Kolín – Car production at the Cologne-based Toyota car plant will not yet return to full operation after the shutdown, the supply of parts will not be 100 percent even at the beginning of March, trade unionists said today when asked by ČTK. The shutdown due to a lack of components began on February 1st, the lines are due to start up again on February 27th. Employees received information that they will work in production three days a week instead of five after the end of the shutdown, Martina Kleimodová, chairwoman of the car company's unions, told ČTK today.

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“We already know that the beginning of March will not be as we imagined, deliveries will not be 100%, so far three days a week are expected, no one can see beyond that, only for the beginning of March,” said Kleimodová. According to her, today was the last day when the management of the car company could announce the change to the employees. “We have a ten-day deadline,” she added.

“During March, according to the planned production calendar, production will be standard,” said Tomáš Paroubek, a spokesman for the automaker, to ČTK. However, according to him, some shifts will not be productive compared to the standard calendar. When asked what the volume of production would be after the shutdown, he did not directly answer.

According to the collective agreement, employees receive a reward of 80 percent of the average salary for the shutdown. Among other things, the contract guarantees so-called minus shifts, which allow employees to schedule their work according to the working time account. Employees then have to work these shifts when there are enough parts. However, most of them are not at home all the time, for example they undergo training and license renewal, some take a vacation, the spring holidays will start in Kolín on Monday.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic employs approximately 3,600 people in Kolín. They work in three shifts from Monday to Friday. The carmaker produces roughly 1,000 cars a day in normal mode. Last year, after two weaker years, it increased production by roughly a quarter, producing over 202,000 cars of the Yaris and Aygo models.